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DIGICONTROL - Energy efficient building automation and industrial automation

DIGICONTROL DIGICONTROL - integrated system solutions having an open structure will definitely do justice to growing requirements.

The trademark DIGICONTROL stands for our intelligent system solutions well-proven in practice in the fields of building and industrial automation. They guarantee the user the maximum possible levels of performance and flexibility with their user-friendliness, multi-functionality, open system approach, integration capability and consistent modular and object-specific expansion structure.

The demands for greater economy, environmental conservation, comfort, maintenance of asset value and safety in operation and the optimisation of buildings and premises are accorded the topmost priority when it comes to building automation. DIGICONTROL of GFR always places these demands in focus and has been conceived and designed as an open, universal and future-proof system. This not only keeps your costs ranging from the real estate planning to the preparation right up to long-term building operation safely and surely under control. It means much more: Planners, installers and operators invest with the quality brand, DIGICONTROL, in a system that facilitates thinking ahead and planning for the future.
Integrated automation solutions
- a holistic approach to planning, operating and optimising -

The outstanding feature of GFR building system solutions is the universal aspect of our products and services as well as the wide spectrum of integration solutions, which enable a holistic consideration of the building and particularly energy-efficient operation especially for the room automation of modern real estate properties.
The universal nature of the system engineering, WEBPROJECT, and the products of our trademarks, DIGICONTROL and DIGIVISION, stretches from the planning phase up to and beyond running operations right up to optimisation of the building systems.
The integration capability of our building, room automation and management systems, and the associated system solutions, which take a holistic consideration of all components of the technical equipment of the building, as well as the innovative and modular system components that facilitate unique and customised solutions for our clients, surpass conventional building standards.