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Being one of the leading providers in the branch, we develop and sell innovative system solutions for building automation, building management, room automation and energy management. We have been taking care of saving energy for more than 40 years. Our name is our commitment and our mission is more relevant than ever before. Buildings being automated by GFR are not only economically optimised but also reduce CO2 emissions for increased sustainability and a better future.

GFR is part of Bosch Energy and Building Solutions.

GFR corporate film 2017

GFR corporate film 2017


10 good reasons for GFR

1. Building automation solutions from a single source
GFR customers receive single-source building automation solutions, starting with project planning and engineering through the entire building of automation systems, the monitoring and energy data management up to a competent service around the clock.

2. Digitization of building automation processes
GFR projects possess consistent project data within all applications, stretching from the planning, the digital construction file and the operation of the building down to its deconstruction.

3. 40 years of hands-on experience
GFR has over 40 years of experience in supply technology, project management and the construction of sophisticated building automation systems.

4. Secure IT systems
Our considerable expertise also comprises the implementation of secure automation networks and IT systems.

5. Complete portfolio
Our portfolio entails all automation hardware and software for the implementation of efficient automation strategies and the complete integration and connection of all trades within the technical building services. We use the resulting synergies to your benefit.

6. Advantages of a mid-sized company
Having a workforce of 280 employees, GFR is a wellpositioned and sound company. Benefit from the advantages of being a mid-sized company: Short routes, direct communication and fast responses.

7. In-house control cabinet manufacturing
GFR has an own control cabinet production. Your advantage: 100% quality with maximum flexibility during the construction phase.

8. Future-proof solutions
GFR develops complete and upward compatible system solutions. Our technologies are sustainable and meet the increasing requirements of tomorrow.

9. Create added value
We create considerable values by means of a forwardlooking project management and digitalised solutions.

10. Minimised costs throughout the entire life cycle of the building
GFR automation solutions accompany buildings through their entire life cycle.

Take advantage of our expertise

GFR is your single point of contact for all questions, starting with planning, through implementation, optimisation and maintenance of your buildings.



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