Automating rooms - especially at high temperatures

Innovative room automation solutions create comfort

You are listening to it on the news every day right now: The heat wave has Europe firmly under control; a cooling is not (yet) in sight. Many people are struggling with the heat at work and even at night, there is hardly any opportunity to cool down.

Especially at hot temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, flexible, comfortable and equally energy-efficient room automation is essential, because comfortably air-conditioned offices, hotel rooms, conference rooms, etc. ensure satisfied employees, guests and customers.

However, a modern room automation system does much more than simply provide a pleasant and comfortable room temperature: For the purpose of energy-efficient and comfortable operation, all room trades such as light, sun and glare protection, heating, cooling, ventilation, multimedia, etc. must be able to communicate with each other and have a common user interface.

GFR ensures maximum energy efficiency in Van der Valk Hotels

Room control unit R4D.RC05 - GFR Room automation - Van der Valk Hotel


GFR provides individual solutions in the area of building and room automation and high technical expertise for energy-optimised operation with maximum comfort in Van der Valk Hotels, among others. Not only operators but also guests benefit from this.

Our picture shows the R4D.RC05 room control unit in a typical hotel application situation. In addition to the multifunction display, six freely configurable keys and a universally configurable rotary pulse generator are available. Furthermore, for example, lighting commands can be configured via the integrated proximity sensor.

Room operating units with the highest demands on functionality and design

In order to meet the highest demands (e.g. in hotels or conference rooms), room operating units should be comfortable and individually and intuitively operated. Depending on the degree of automation, the various room functions can be represented and controlled here: blinds, temperature, light, multimedia etc.

Find out more about efficient and comfortable rooms that reflect the user with his individual needs as well as the economic aspect and the increasing demands of investors and operators on the building

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