DIGICONTROL Building IoT Services are gaining ground

Following the success of the "DIGICONTROL Lumenizer" at Light+Building 2018, we are pleased to further expand our Smart Building Optimizer into a GFR IoT service and thus offer our customers the best possible shading, heating and lighting service.

Remember: The DIGICONTROL Lumenizer serves to optimise energy efficiency and maximise comfort in building and especially room automation. Via the DIGIVISION Smart Building Cloud, the Lumenizer IoT service informs the DIGICONTROL automation system which part of the facade is reached at the moment or at a certain time by how much sunlight or solar energy.

The data make it possible to implement the best control strategies within the energy centres and to optimise room automation with regard to shading systems, illuminance, heating performance, cooling performance and window opening (ventilation).

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