Energy-efficient behaviour at the workplace

The GFR apprentices Nina and Manuel (on the right in the picture) gave a presentation for trainees, the Board of Directors and the Process Controlling department of a North Rhine-Westphalian forwarding company. The focus of the speech was showing ways on creating a convenient room climateRoom automation at the workplace and on reducing the environmental pollution. Our trainees went on an interesting guided tour through the ”Blue Building“ of the forwarding company afterwards.

The users are at the heart of the matter for Blue Buildings as they shall feel good inside the building. It is not only about energy efficiency for these types of buildings but about overall sustainability, spanning from a gentle dealing with resources and energy to complying with economic and human requirements.

The presentation will be continued and adjusted to the technical requirements of the Blue Building by the apprentices of the forwarding company. The final results will be presented to our trainees subsequently.

We look forward to their visit at GFR!

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