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Redesigned GFR career area

GFR Career area, Jobs and Vacancies in Building Automation

With the redesigned career section on we offer potential applicants even more comfort when searching and finding suitable vacancies!

A "refresh" was not only subjected to the entry page, you will also find other menu items, such as job offers for career starters, experienced professionals but also training places and the practice-integrated study at GFR.


Applying for GFR is even easier now!

To improve and optimize the application process, we have implemented a series of measures that will also make it easier for you to apply to GFR! You will find your desired job sorted via an intuitive navigation, you can apply without complex forms via smartphone, tablet or conventional desktop PC, everything is possible! In order to counter any ambiguities that may arise in advance of applying to GFR, we have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions.

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We hope there is something suitable here. Also unsolicited applications are welcome!

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