GFR building automation for thyssenkrupp elevator test tower

The inauguration of a unique project took place in Rottweil on 7 October, 2017. The elevator test tower of the thyssenkrupp AG will open its doors. This exceptional building is bursting with strength because of its cutting-edge technologies and features. The tower is used for testing and certifying innovative elevators and as a research centre. GFR technology has been integrated into this extraordinary building: The entire building automation technology is made by the automation specialist from Verl. Furthermore, the tower with the highest visitor platform in Germany is an attractive tourist attraction for the Rottweil region.

The test tower comprise twelve elevator shafts in which high-speed lifts and the first cableless elevator system are tested. Some of the elevator shafts reach up to a height of 200 metres, nearly to the top of the tower, others end at a height of 120 metres. The space, which is located almost 100 metres above, is used as air-heating energy storage system which is uniquely used for control technology: The exhaust heat which is generated by computers and motors is collected, transmitted via heat exchangers and later consumed by two heat pumps for heating the office, the presentation area and the observation platform. This does not only make the tower an ambitious high-flyer but it also creates sustainability effects.

The six sets of controllers oft he building are almost spread across the entire height of the tower, the lowest one is at a height of -4 metres  and the highest at 206 metres. Contrary to the standard, the power feeds of the control cabinets were designed with aluminium cables. This demonstrates the special technical quality requirements of the test tower.

The “internal values” of the tower meet the most sophisticated demands. The tower is dressing up presently as the white membrane is being mounted at the moment.

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