GFR building automation in the biggest school building of Munich

Education campus in Munich-Freiham goes into operation

GFR Education Campus Freiham Munich - Building Automation
Picture: Landeshauptstadt München/Michael Nagy

In old and technically outdated school buildings students mostly have inappropriate learning conditions: bad lighting conditions, stale air, moldiness, overheated and narrow classrooms with insuffcient acoustics. Modern education buildings have to meet high standarts for a comfortable and good learning atmosphere. A future-compliant school offers silence, light and air for a suitable environment for maximum learning ability.

At this point, all trades of the technical building equipment are important: the intelligent automated interaction (or combination) of all components allows monitoring and analyzing via building automation management and also the energy efficient, secure and economic building operation through smart automation solutions.


Building automation ensures comfort, energy efficiency and the best possible learning environment

A sample project for the above mentioned modern learning environment was recently finalised in Munich-Freiham after 2 years of construction. For the realization of the innovative education campus 245 Mio. Euros were invested.

The education campus Freiham is designed for 3.000 students and includes four schools. The heart of the new areal is the „Campusmitte“ with a total surface of 38.500 sqm. The canteen for all 4 schools is housed in there. Furthermore there is an assembly hall for round about 1000 people, a creative area and a sports hall.

GFR provides comfortable climate, the economic and energy efficient operation for the whole campus in Munich-Freiham by intelligent DIGICONTROL building automation technology, as well as comfortable operation and monitoring of the technical trades through the building management platform WEBVISION 5. Further communication protocols like Modbus and M-Bus were used - next to the BACnet- standard. GFR integration solutions ensure a perfect interaction of all building functions and a sustainable overall concept in the field of building automation.

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