GFR contributes to joint project “ Methods for fault diagnosis in building operation“

Buildings have been under examination in different research projects for quite some time. The focus primarily lies on building and operating buildings effectively. The topic of dealing with errors and their possible adverse effects on the entire building system has been insufficiently studied. Potential errors due to the increasing technical complexity shall be ideally detected and eliminated beforehand. If these sources of errors are not noticed, this will result in energy-inefficient operating states. Consequently, this leads to higher energy consumption, increased operating costs and CO2 emissions.

The long-term objectives for the building operation are lowering the energy demand and maintaining the optimised, error-free and energy-efficient operation of building services plants throughout the entire life-cycle.

The project:

GFR participates in the joint project with the topic “Methods for fault diagnosis in building operation“ together with the University of Applied Technologies Erfurt and the company NSC GmbH.

The target of the project is to detect energy-inefficient operating states or progressive wear in heating and air-conditioning plants by means of intelligent algorithms at an early stage. As a consequence, the operators get information on the optimisation of the system in good time. The research project outlines the wide range of technical solutions for the building system in a uniform structure while focusing on the aspect of error detection.

Being an innovation leader in the field of building automation, we look forward to contributing to the research project.

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