Supporting MCE - Management and control equipment

"Supporting management and control equipment” WEBVISION 5 provides instructions

Modern building automation and control systems (BACS) are becoming increasingly complex and, as a result, the operators of technical building services are faced with new and increasing challenges. In order to be able to control the building automation and control system and to avoid damages due to incorrect use, care and maintenance, a comprehensible communication of the BACS with the facility management department, the operator and the caretaker is of great benefit. Fault messages and information about plants that are no longer functioning properly are provided within the building management and control equipment by means of the fault message management and / or trend applications. These notifications are often communicated in such a technically sophisticated way that they are not or only partially understood by the operating personnel, therefore not noticed, and insufficiently processed in the end.

The challenge in a nutshell:

  • Insufficiently qualified and often exhausted operating staff is hardly able to correlate different information from the management and control equipment that represents a technical context.
  • The monitoring and optimisation of the plants cannot be guaranteed.

The solution:

The supporting MCE - management and control equipment“ which compares, for example, value curves and status messages of the BACS in the background of the management and control equipment.

It supports facility management and improves the optimum utilisation and profitability of a building / several buildings or properties in the utilisation phase through innovative monitoring.


The benefit:

The management and control equipment assists the operating personnel with concrete advice and instructions on how to operate the building services efficiently and safely.


The requirements for more energy efficiency, profitability, environmental protection, value retention, operational safety and utilisation quality of real estate are the top priority when talking about building automation and control systems and management and control equipment. Only system solutions with a consistent and open structure provide benefit for the operator and are able to meet these requirements in the future.

Further information on innovative building management solutions by GFR can be found here.

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