Our mission statement

Building automation for generations

Our vision are liveable buildings in liveable towns, at liveable locations, at liveable work places and homes that are worth living.

To allow this vision to become reality, we develop systems that create a more comfortable, efficient and sustainable living and working environment. We are a target-oriented and committed team and focus our strong passion on protecting and maintaining our environment.

This is how we create compatible systems for ensuring maximum efficiency. Our right decisions result in sustainable success.

For our future – for our customers – for ourselves



The whole is more than the sum of its individual parts.

Every member can find his place in a good team and can contribute to the overall success.

You can only achieve ambitious goals in a team in which each individual can benefit from each other and where each member contributes his personal strengths.


We supply added value by upward compatible and integrated solutions.

We assure integrity that comprises planning, building, long-term operation and continuous optimisation of state-of-the-art building systems.

We do not only network individual system components, we provide the network for your future.


Expertise, perseverance, joy and a great passion for work are required for doing an excellent job. This passion ensures optimum and sustainable results.

For an excellent quality.

For your and our success.



The “perfect“ building is our perception of efficiency.

It is perfect if it is operated sustainably and if the consumed energy is generated by the building itself or received by regenerative sources.

This is our drive for development and the motivation for our work. We build a future that is worth living.


We are working for maintaining the environment, for a future that is worth living…for every human being.

Our work contributes to preserving our earth for future generations.

We regard this as part of our overall responsibility. We sustainably automate buildings for generations.


Success results from right decisions, innovative ideas and their implementation.

We start where others give up. We search and explore innovative ways and new opportunities. For our customers.

For ourselves. Your success is our success.

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