Technical basics

Control strategies and hydraulics in buildings

Sound knowledge of hydraulic and control engineering interrelationships is the prerequisite for the design, commissioning and efficient operation of supply systems.

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Course duration: One day

Course contents:

  • Basic knowledge of hydraulics in buildings like conversion, pressures, Bernoulli, characteristic curves, discharge heads and pressure control
  • Hydraulic basic circuits
  • Valve sizing
  • Control strategies heating with hot water preparation
  • Control strategies ventilation with different components
  • Humidity sensors and humidity control
  • Pressure sensors and pressure control


Learning targets/ benefits:
The participants of this seminar get an overview of the most important tasks in supply technology for ensuring the optimum operation at the lowest energy consumption. This allows an optimum coordination of energy consumption and comfort requirements.

Target group: 
Licensees, operators and service technicians who plan, operate and run the system

Prerequisites for attendance:

  • Basic knowledge on how to operate the current interface of Windows or Windows server
  • Basic knowledge of MS Word and Excel
  • Knowledge of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning plants

Group size:
Three to six participants

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