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We are delighted about your interest in the modernisation of the Olympic Hall Munich and are honoured to give you an understanding of this unique project. We are exceptionally proud of our significant contribution to the implementation of very complex and trend-setting building automation systems.

The following web site provides you with essential information on the unique building automation solutions made by GFR.

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Munich’s most popular event location presents a new face

Intensive work is being carried out to refurbish the Olympic Hall in Munich. It is Munich’s biggest event hall with a capacity of up to 12,463 seats if the location is furnished with chairs and a capacity of up to 15,000 seats without chairs. The event location that has been the venue for 2,981 events and 30.1 million visitors is getting a new face. The challenge is that the refurbishment is carried out during ongoing operation.

The Olympic Hall is located in the centre of the Olympic Park and hosts events of all kinds, like rock and pop concerts, sports events, shows, entertainment, classical concerts, etc. The Olympic Hall Munich will be comprehensively modernised and furnished with GFR building automation technology during ongoing operation in a total period of five years. At the end of the process, the refurbished building will meet the requirements of sophisticated events in accordance with the latest international standards.

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Cutting-edge building automation for maximum energy efficiency and security

The automation specialists of GFR – Gesellschaft für Regelungstechnik und Energieeinsparung mbH – meet the requirements of the complex and technically sophisticated reconstruction project of the Olympic Hall Munich. The building services are being modernised and BACnet serves as a sustainable basis for those endeavours.

GFR faces several challenges during the reconstruction of Munich’s well-known event location: ensuring smooth operation of events while implementing comprehensive building automation systems. This includes the integration of all trades as it relates to technical building services, like heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. The fire control system complies with the latest guidelines. GFR provides “invisible intelligence“ by means of comprehensive solutions and highly efficient control strategies.


Extensive reconstruction of refrigeration plant

In accordance with the modernisation of the Olympic Hall Munich, GFR was asked to replace the existing refrigeration plant control.
In addition to the conventional refrigeration control, GFR created two control systems for the refrigeration plant, a set of controllers for the security technology of the machine room and a low-voltage main distribution.
The refrigeration plant cools down a medium to temperatures of up to -20°C. The medium is stored in a 40-m³ glycol container and lifted to the next level for refrigeration supply by means of two heat exchangers.

A connection for a mobile ice track has been considered as an optional extension. By doing so, an energy-efficiently generated cooling medium can be provided for the guest organisers of figure skating shows and ice-hockey tournaments. Respective arrangements and preliminary setups have already been considered. Components of the existing plant were built in the course of the preparations for the Olympic Summer Games in 1972. This is remarkable, especially since the majority of the components could be reactivated with no errors, even after a three-year downtime.

Our highlights

for the Olympic Hall Munich

Air-conditioning technology for comfortable events

The control strategies maintain a good climate and ensure that all types of events turn into an incredible experience.

GFR in all areas

GFR is generally responsible for all areas of responsibility, from the medium-voltage transformer of the energy supplier to the hydraulic refrigeration network.

Special programming of room touch panel R4D.RT7

Available languages: English, French and Bavarian language

Ion-selective NH3-water monitoring

For assuring the quality of the recooling medium which is lead into the Olympic Lake

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Project history


Construction of the Olympic hall

in the context of the Olympic Summer Games



Deep Purple and Steppenwolf played the first concert

on 21 January, 1973


Extensive renovation works

for 50 million Euros.



Completion of refurbishment works

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