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GFR is your partner for efficient building operations

As planners and architects of modern buildings and properties, you are responsible for energy-efficient operation and also for comfort. GFR supports you as a company with many years of experience and is your solution provider for integrated building automation systems in every phase of the building life cycle.

The technical equipment of buildings is impossible without planning

Building planners are driven by a vision that is omnipresent in their working world: they want to create properties that are as energy-efficient as possible. At the same time, buildings should be comfortable and a place of well-being. A considerable proportion of the generated energy is used to heat, cool, illuminate or ventilate buildings.

The range of assignments of specialist planners for technical building equipment is very complex and covers various areas: Heating technology, sanitary engineering, electrical engineering, conveyor technology and ventilation technology as well as telephone and data systems, electro-acoustic systems, security and video surveillance systems. This variety of complex and sensitive sectors (there is a professional classification of building services in DIN 276) must be interlinked and coordinated with each other. The involved stakeholders also come from a wide range of disciplines and fields, and their objectives must be taken into account: engineering offices, engineers, architectural offices, architects, planning offices, specialist planners, authorities, public authorities, companies.

Increasing requirements for efficient and flexible properties

As the demands on efficient and flexible properties increase, so do the requirements for building services. The use of energy-efficient, resource-saving and sustainable building technology is a worthwhile investment and strives for the shortest possible amortisation periods.

The objective of building services planning is to select the building automation and control systems in such a way that the property can be optimally utilised at minimum costs.

GFR is your solution provider for holistic and sustainable building automation and control systems

Take advantage of over 40 years of GFR expertise in the implementation of intelligent, automated buildings for maximum energy efficiency, safety, cost-effectiveness and comfort. We stand for holistic automation solutions in every phase of the building life cycle - from planning and building operation to conversion.


Building automation and control systems (BACS) have increasingly developed as a leading discipline for the sustainable operation of buildings and real estate portfolios throughout their entire life cycle. Since the prerequisites for sustainable operation are already created in the planning and construction phases (construction of a new building, reconstruction, extension, renovation), BACS already have to be taken into consideration in the planning and construction processes  - also in connection with BIM.

Objectives of using building automation and control systems
BACS can help stakeholders to pursue and consolidate various objectives. Possible objectives of
using BACS include e.g.:
a) operational safety/reliability of supply
b) comfort level
c) energy savings/energy efficiency
d) monitoring
e) accessibility

Source: VDI 3814 sheet 1, January 2019

Further GFR objectives of BACS:
f) Preservation of good health
g) Create comfort

Take advantage of our expertise!

For all questions, starting with the planning, implementation, optimization and support of your buildings, you have only one contact person with GFR.



Comfortable system engineering with WEBPROJECT

The planning and execution of systems and rooms in the field of building automation and control systems requires planners and executing companies to have comprehensive expertise in the relevant directives, guidelines and standards. The VOB Part C, VDI 3814 and DIN EN ISO 16484, among others, serve as a basis for this. A common and unambiguous language of all parties involved in construction is one of the basic requirements for a doubtless exchange of information in the context of tendering, awarding and accounting. Appropriate software can support all involved parties.

WEBPROJECT is an extremely efficient software for the consistent planning, engineering and implementation of building automation and control systems. Due to the web-based network structure of WEBPROJECT, there is only one source for all building automation lists, plans, diagrams, etc. All documents are available for project stakeholders to view and edit at any time, at any location. It is no longer necessary to ask the question of whether the elaboration, the design planning, the system and integration planning, the approval and implementation planning, the implementation drawings or documentation are up-to-date. There is only one status - the present status.

Find out more about comfortable system engineering with WEBPROJECT.

There is no alternative to digitalisation

Megatrends such as climate change, urbanisation, digital transformation and increasing demands on the quality of life are causing major changes in infrastructures and commercial buildings. The need for security, comfort and efficiency is growing and therefore also the demand for integrated holistic solutions. Increasing networking via IoT provides many opportunities to improve accelerate and automate processes in commercial buildings. Intelligent automation strategies enable the comprehensive control, regulation and monitoring of technical building equipment. Consistently digitalised solutions throughout the entire life cycle of the building create a wide range of efficiency advantages and process simplifications for owners and operators as well as improvements in comfort for users.

The topic of digitalisation and thus the term Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the future topics of the construction branch. BIM applications place and link all building components and their data on one platform and create a digital building model, the "digital twin".

Find out more about Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Potential and added value for specialist planners and architects:

  • All planning data are available within the MSR planning and project engineering tool WEBPROJECT on the basis of the project development (with BIM) and serve as a consistent basis for further planning, engineering and project management
  • Increase of work efficiency and reduction of error corrections
  • Automatic generation of the complete workshop and assembly planning
  • Consistent and coherent documentation
  • Economically sophisticated solution
  • Fulfilment and compliance with standards and directives
  • High quality standard ensures coordinated planning
  • Cost and deadline security

Take advantage of our expertise!

For all questions, starting with the planning, implementation, optimization and support of your buildings, you have only one contact person with GFR.



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