Save up to 70% with the patented process for the energy-optimised control of energy recovery systems in air-conditioning plants

  • Successfully proven at the Fraunhofer Institute Dresden

  • Winner of the TGA AWARD 2016

  • European patent no. 2667278


Running ventilation and air conditioning plants in buildings often involves high operational and energy costs. The expenses are particularly high in air-conditioning plants with the processes heating, cooling, humidifying and dehumidifying. Therefore it pays off having a closer look at building automation systems for the control of air-conditioning plants. Just optimising conventional systems is not sufficient. Innovative technologies have to be applied if you really want to take advantage of saving potentials and increase energy-efficiency.

The DIGICONTROL Economizer utilises new strategies based on scientific optimisation algorithms for controlling air-conditioning plants. This enables enormous energy savings. If the so-called area of optimum comfort is applied, the air treatment stages will be utilised 100% energy-efficiently by calculating the cost-optimal operating point of ventilation and air-conditioning plants.

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ems4.ECONO Module for the optimum control of energy recovery systems in air-conditioning plants

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GFR Brochure DIGICONTROL Economizer

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