45% lower costs when modernising, refurbishing or servicing existing plants

  • PCD 1

  • PCD 1.NT

  • PCD 2

  • PCD 4

If new and extended requirements for the technical building equipment are laid down, the automation system usually has to be extended as well. Although the hardware of the automation station is still in a good state, the entire automation station is replaced either because the existing automation station cannot be extended in a way to meet the requirements or due to limited availability.

ems4.RF01E enables the extension, refurbishment and repair of existing DIGICONTROL PCD 1-, PCD 2-, PCD 4- and PCD 1.NT automation systems without discarding the existing I/O automation hardware. Only the CPU module has to be replaced. Most switchgear cabinet components and the existing building management system can be kept. Therefore the expenses for the modification are significantly lower since only the required modules will be replaced / extended instead of replacing the entire system.

Savings up to 45% are realistic if you use DIGICONTROL Retrofit.

Datasheet Conformity declaration Manual
ems4.RF01E Communication interface for the integration in existing DIGICONTROL systems

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