The DIGICONTROL Retrofit module ems4.RF01E enables the connection of ems automation stations to older types of input/output cards (I/O cards) in existing plants. Therefore older types of existing automation systems can be modernised easily and cost-efficiently.

If there are new or extended requirements on the systems of the technical equipment of a building, usually the automation system must be extended as well. Although the hardware of the automation station is still in good condition, the complete automation system will be replaced as the existing automation system cannot be extended in a way to meet the requirements or it is not available anymore.

The module ems4.RF01E enables the extension, refurbishment and repair of existing DIGICONTROL automation stations of the types PCD 1 / PCD 2 / PCD 4 / PCD 1.NT while still using the existing I/O automation hardware. Only the CPU module will be replaced by a combination of an ems CPU and the Retrofit module. The control of the switchgear cabinet will be kept.

The connection between the Retrofit module and the I/O modules is performed by means of one of the cables which are available as accessories. There are two different cables available depending on the required length (see accessories).

General specifications

Power consumption max. 5W
Status display I/O-Bus: 1x send (green) 1x receipt (yellow) CAN-Bus activity: (red /green) (front view)
Housing Housing for use in distribution boards in accordance with DIN 43880
Dimensions (W x H x D) 53,6 x 99,7 x 62,2
Protection type IP20
Operating temperature +5...+40
Humidity Up to 85% without condensation acc. to VDE 0160, EN 50178, Class 3K3
Storage temperature -10...+70
EMC Burst EN 61000-4-4
EMC electromagnetic interference EN 61000-6-4, EN 50081, (EN55022)
EMC interference immunity EN 61000-6-2, EN 50082, (EN55024)

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Technical specifications

System bus CAN-Bus
Interfaces E/A-Bus LIN-Bus

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