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GFR - Gesellschaft für Regelungstechnik und Energieeinsparung mbH - with their own trademarks DIGICONTROL® and DIGIVISION® - is one of the leading providers in the field of technical facility management, building management, energy data management and building and room automation.

Building management solutions by GFR – What are the benefits?
  • The building management platform WEBVISION 5 sets new standards for the performance of buildings
  • Certification as BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS) in accordance with highest conformity standard
  • You keep track with everything when using our systems
  • An energy-efficiency increase of about 30% and more is realistic
  • Maximum comfort, economical operation and reduced CO2 emissions of your buildings
  • The open system architecture and utilisation of uniform, standardised interfaces support the integration of trades
  • User-friendly handling, intuitive usability and responsive design
  • Future-proof: WEBVISION 5 can be used as cloud solution

Holistic view on a building

Today more than ever, optimising and reducing costs is of essential importance when buildings are constructed and operated. Investors and operators insist on cost efficiency and flexibility at minimum energy and personnel deployment and on the possibility to influence running costs. If you wish to comply with these requirements, conventional building automation and a trade-related view are not sufficient anymore.

The holistic view of a building as functional unit, the utilisation of open and embedded systems, network-capable information technologies and a consistent building management are prerequisites for the technical and business-related function.

What is building management?


In accordance with DIN 32736, building management comprises the entirety of all services for operating and running buildings, including the structural and technical plants on the basis of holistic strategies.

Being a section of facility management, building management (formerly called building control system) can be divided into the areas technical, infrastructural and commercial building management.
The target of building management is the optimum utilisation and profitability of a building/several buildings or properties during the use phase and ensuring the maintenance of value.

Talking about building management, the demands for increased energy efficiency, profitability, environmental protection, value preservation, security and usage quality of real estates are the prime concerns. Only consistent and openly structured system solutions are capable of meeting the increasing requirements of the future.

Learn more about innovative building management solutions made by GFR on these pages.

WEBVISION 5 - The manangement platform for your building

The top reasons for WEBVISION 5

  • WEBVISION 5 supports you in reducing the CO2 emissions considerably and operating your building more efficiently. Cost savings of up to 15-20% are realistic.
  • WEBVISION 5 has been certified as BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS). That confirms the maximum range of functions and the interoperability with DIGICONTROL and all other BACnet-automation systems.
  • WEBVISION 5 simultaneously ensures 100% comfort with maximum energy efficiency. Terms like performance, security and user-friendliness are completely redefined by WEBVISION 5.
  • Having one building management is sufficient. WEBVISION 5 allows controlling and optimising all maintenance groups in a building: from heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, sanitary, illumination, shading, room automation, energy data management, fire protection, video surveillance, burglary protection to access control.
  • Take advantage of our know-how. WEBVISION 5 was developed in-house and is based on our 35 years’ experience in creating intelligent building management systems.
  • Being an integral part of the building management system DIGICONTROL and system engineering WEBPROJECT, WEBVISION 5 provides an unprecedented consistency from planning to operating and optimising smart buildings.
  • The intuitive operation of WEBVISION 5 simplifies the handling for users, spanning from overviews down to data points. This builds trust, operating the system is a pleasure and users are not afraid of utilising the software.
  • WEBVISION 5 does not only provide maximum reliability but also data and IT security.

You only have one contact person for all questions regarding planning, implementing, optimising and providing support for your rooms.

Take advantage of our unique competence. We are happy to answer your questions at 052 46 962-0 or just use the contact form at the end of this page.

Where is building management used?

Our building management solutions can be found in all types of buildings. Taking advantage of its BACnet Operator Workstation (B-AWS) WEBVISION 5, GFR operates in all fields of modern building and room automation like administration centres, multifunctional arenas, shopping malls, production facilities, hotels, hospitals and distributed properties.


Possible fields of application:


The focus when running hospitals is on economic efficiency, security and hygiene. Being furnished with functional and integration modules, WEBVISION 5 offers a complete management system which also meets the complex requirements of modern hospitals.

Administration centres

WEBVISION 5 ensures perfect working conditions and optimum comfort at maximum energy-efficiency. It contains flexible solutions which adapt the management system to changing space divisions and room utilisations.

Educational institutions

Energy-efficient building systems provide excellent learning conditions under consideration of variable occupation densities and times. WEBVISION 5 comprises all modules for the optimum and energy-efficient operation of rooms and halls.

Shopping malls

A building system in the trade sector has to be flexible as it relates to changes in space utilisation and sizes, branch structures, opening hours and customer frequencies. WEBVISION 5 offers maximum flexibility and transparency by integrating supraregional branch networks.


The changing occupation densities and times of rooms and unequal people‘s feelings of comfort are the special characteristics of the hotel business. WEBVISION 5 ensures maximum energy utilisation and minimum costs for the operator by integrating hotel reservation systems.

Event locations

Locations like gymnasiums, multifunctional arenas or theatres provide special potentials for optimisation due to their functional diversities. WEBVISION 5 enables the integration of all trades of technical building services and is the basis for a secure and economical operation of the facility.


Building automation and management system have to meet individual requirements in the living area. Rooms for living, sleeping, cooking and working are used differently at various day and night times and by occupants of different ages and preferences.

Objectives and benefits of building management systems

A building management system serves the purpose of visualising, operating and monitoring technical plants.

About 80% of the total costs that have incurred during the life cycle of a building account for operating the building. The share of all buildings in the world-wide primary energy consumption is about 40% per year.

As a result, there is a huge potential to make a significant contribution to economic efficiency and a responsible use of resources by running buildings efficiently. WEBVISION 5, which is a BACnet-certified management and operation controls for the efficient operation of buildings and distributed properties, faces these challenges.

What are the requirements for modern building management?

The following aspects should be considered when selecting a building management system:


  • High reliability, flexibility and functionality,
  • Economically optimised operation of buildings and properties,
  • Maximum IT security,
  • Consistent monitoring and remote supervision with high information content,
  • Open and expandable system architecture,
  • Certified building management system e.g. BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS),
  • Sustainability,
  • Holistic concept,
  • Intuitive operation,
  • Responsive design for mobile devices, 
  • Application as cloud solution,
  • Integration of third-party systems,
  • Interfaces, interoperability

Integration - The basis for operating buildings energy-efficiently and comfortably

WEBVISION 5 implies the effective interaction of all automation systems and further components of the technical building services. The open system architecture, the application of world-wide standards and uniform interfaces provide maximum flexibility for the implementation of integration solutions.

WEBVISION 5 supports standard protocols like BACnet, Meter bus, Modbus and OPC which allows the integration of third-party products. The BACnet standard in WEBVISION 5 which is supported by the B-AWS (BACnet Advanced Workstation) profile ensures an open communication, the compatibility with products from other manufacturers and the energy-saving and reliable operation of plants.

WEBVISION 5, particularly in combination with the certified automation system DIGICONTROL ems2 - BACnet Building Controller (B-BC), constitutes a highly effective tool for energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.

You only have one contact person for all questions regarding planning, implementing, optimising and providing support for your rooms.

Take advantage of our unique competence. We are happy to answer your questions at 052 46 962-0 or just use the contact form at the end of this page.

The cloud solution for your building management

Highly efficient: SaaS (Software as a Service)

The rent‘n’use model means that WEBVISION 5 is not installed on your local server but on a web server in our data centre where you can access it via web browser without having any function restrictions.

Your benefits

  • No investment for hard and software
  • Moderate and predictable rental charges according to the number of integrated controllers
  • Building management software is always up-to-date
  • No costs for maintenance and repairs
  • No administrative costs
  • Secure internet availability from every location in the world
  • High availability: The leased server is available 24 hours seven days a week
  • Enterprise firewall protection by means of a redundant firewall cluster

Customised individual solutions

The open system structure of WEBVISION 5 allows a personalised customisation of user interfaces. The configuration of the interface contents is performed dependent on the user role, responsibility and personal preference of the respective user. Accordingly, tailor-made user interfaces and individual solutions are made available.

Global and uniform IT standards

  • Operating system Windows Server 2012
  • SQL server data bases
  • Compatible with standard web browsers (also mobile)
  • High availability server (on request)
  • Standard interfaces for the integration of third-party software
  • BACnet profile B-AWS (BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation)

Intuitive operation

WEBVISION 5 offers state-of-the-art handling by providing optimum comfort and intuitive operation from the system overview down to the data point. This builds trust, operating the system is a pleasure and users are not afraid of utilising the software.

Operation via mobile devices - simple and intuitive

As simple and intuitive as operating smartphones and tablet PCs. That is your demand which is indeed met by WEBVISION 5. Mobile communication and building system technology are steadily growing together. WEBVISION 5 introduces a new dimension of mobile operation. You are entirely independent and in control in a comfortable and safe way, even though you are off-site. Installing the app is not necessary as everything works by means of a web browser. You always get the optimum view, independent from the device, the operating system and the screen size. The simple navigation enables you to access the desired information quickly and efficiently. Another highlight: Mobile usage is facilitated substantially by a cutting-edge search function which is directly performed from the start page and provides comprehensive results. Thus, you can find all requested information at a glance: technical plants, messages, operating modes and everything else you are looking for.

IT security in the building management and building automation sector

The topic security in the building automation sector has enormously increased in importance in recent years. The used technologies in automation and information technology are converging more and more and additional opportunities are created by “Internet of Things“ (IoT) on the one hand but building automation systems are cost-intensive and durable on the other hand. The vulnerability refers as well to data as to physical technical facilities like ventilation, light, power supply and other essential functions of real estates. The aspects of central control and adequate security of a building have especially become more important in the event of a blackout which is a realistic scenario of military defence.

In contrast to common IT technology, not only data are under serious threat. Due to the connection of the building automation system with the technical property equipment (heating, ventilation, illumination, doors, access control and hazard detection systems), attacks can have security-related implications and cause damage to the building. The real risk of a building lies in the building automation’s depth of impact.

The security of network-based building automation takes place on two levels:

  • protection of individual devices, PCs and software and
  • protection of IT infrastructure: networks and their accesses.

The hardware and software of DIGICONTROL automation systems, WEBVISION 5 building management systems and WEBENCON energy data management systems contain access authorisation systems with password protection, encrypted communication, internal firewalls, VPNs, etc. for ensuring maximum protection for devices and the entire building automation IT infrastructure.

Seven rules - the key to success for your building

1. Optimise the comfort.
WEBVISION 5 sets standards for the performance of buildings. The innovative solutions and services provide an optimum balance between efficiency and comfort.

2. Minimise the energy demand.
WEBVISION 5 takes advantage of synergies within all technical sections and increases the functionality of the trades because they interact in a network. If you combine WEBVISION 5 with the energy data management system WEBENCON, you can save up to 20% of your energy costs.

3. Make your building safer.
WEBVISION 5 is a state-of-the art solution and provides maximum security, safety and functionality for building operators and users. This is possible due to the integration of security systems and the high reliability of our DIGICONTROL automation systems.

4. Improve the sustainability of your building.
WEBVISION 5 supports you in optimising the economic potential of your building and in increasing the benefit for human beings and society. The system contributes significantly to sustainability and the preservation of the ecosystem and environment.

5. Protect your investments.
The requirements for buildings constantly change during their life cycle. WEBVISION 5 has a flexible structure and is prepared for changing building utilisation. Many of our customers have appreciated the benefit of compatible building automation systems since 1978 until today, and also in the future.

6. Sustain values.
WEBVISION 5 uses resources economically, reduces the adverse environmental impacts and helps to create and maintain values.

7. Improve your image.
WEBVISION 5 ensures energy-efficient and resource-saving operation of buildings. This is perceived by the general public and your company will enjoy a positive image and reputation.

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