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The term energy savings applies to various services and represents the common goal to enable customer to save costs and energy.

GFR is your experienced partner for all questions associated to energy. We support you in the process of optimising energy consumption and reducing operating costs. Our team will be happy to answer your questions.

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Our services

Consulting and optimisation

1. Evaluation of energy supply contracts

  • Comparing the contractual quantity with the actual energy purchase
  • Plausibility checks for energy purchase, usage fees, levies, duties, electricity and energy tax
  • Risk assessment of energy supply contract

2. Energy purchase

  • Request for tenders and evaluation
  • Support during contract negotiations / consulting services
  • Review of new supply agreements
  • Monitoring the change of supplier, risk management

3. Energy services

  • Refund of electricity and energy tax
  • Special arrangement for grid usage
  • Electrical load analysis
  • Compensation scheme EEG
  • Etc.

Your benefit

  • Overview and transparency of your supply agreements
  • Independent and neutral assessment of offers
  • Reduction of contractual risks
  • Information on market prices
  • Assistance in supply strategies
  • Optimisation of supply contracts
  • Invoice verification

Strong increase of network fees

Three out of four transmission system operators are increasing their network fees in 2018.

Especially final consumers in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate have to expect significant additional costs next year due to the increase of network fees. The transmission system operator Amprion anticipates additional costs of 45 %, Transnet BW hypothesises a rise of about 13 % and Tennet calculates with an increase of approximately 9 %. Only 50 Hertz announced a reduction by about 11 %.

The network operators say that the reason for this drastic increase are the re-dispatch costs. These are costs for network-stabilising measures in case of fluctuating feed of electricity from photovoltaic and wind energy plants.


What can electricity customers do about the rising costs?

Energy efficiency measures and an intelligent load management are gaining in significance due to the increasing network charges. Investments, which have not paid off so far, will be more interesting in the near future because of shorter amortisation times. However, the legislator schedules non-investment approaches, like exceptions or exemptions. These can lead to refunds or exemptions for the network charges, taxes, duties and levies.


GFR supports you in the process of taking advantage of these exceptions and exemptions for all energy carriers optimally.

Take advantage of our expertise!

For all questions, starting with the planning, implementation, optimization and support of your buildings, you have only one contact person with GFR.


The road to CO2 neutrality

An initiative of economic, environmental and research institutes under the leadership of the German Energy Agency DENA recommends to establish a climate-related barrier for a higher taxation of CO2. The Foundation Environmental Energy Law supports this approach. It is argued that the European and constitutional law allow such a CO2 taxation. The Monopoly Commission recommends a more consistent regulatory framework in the special report “Energy 2017”.  The EU emissions trading shall be an essential component for this, and other sectors will be included as well.


What is CO2 neutrality?

Companies, institutions and buildings are referred to as CO2-neutral if no climate-damaging emissions are caused or if they are compensated. Emissions shall be primarily reduced by means of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies. The remaining supply of energy can be exempted through CO2 compensation measures.


What is CO2 neutrality good for?

Companies and institutions have the medium-term goal to implement a CO2 free energy consumption without short-term Green Washing. A sustainable CO2 reduction can be reached by energy supply via renewable energy plants (photovoltaics, wind and water) but not by acquiring certificates of origin.

Systematic plan for a CO2 neutral factory

First step: The energy consumption is minimised by means of energy efficiency measures. Each saved kilowatt-hour saves CO2 emissions immediately.

Second step: A concept for mainly providing the required energy from CO2 neutral energy sources (wind, photovoltaics and biomass) is created.

Third step: Compensation measures will be taken in the third step. Green products will cover the remaining energy demand or the purchase of certificates will compensate the CO2 emissions.

EEG Apportionment 2018

Pursuant to § 60 EEG, the energy supply companies have to pay an EEG apportionment to the transmission system operator for each kilowatt-hour that is supplied to the end user. Furthermore and in accordance with§ 61 EEG, there is a cost allocation obligation for self-sufficient suppliers and other end users. These payments shall cover the difference between the total revenue and the expenditure of the transmission system operators during the EEG implementation in compliance with § 3 par. 3, 4 AusglMechV and § 6 AusglMechAV.

According to § 5 AusglMechV, the transmission system operators are obligated to calculate and publish the EEG apportionment by the 15 October of the respective calendar year.

The EEG apportionment for the non-privileged end user sales amounts to 6.792 ct/kWh. for 2018. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) can proportionally limit the EEG apportionment for electricity, which is covered by the exception in accordance with §§ 63 et seq. EEG.

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