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Tolerances and stability of sensors

Due to the pursuit of energy saving or energy efficiency in building automation increasingly come the stability and accuracy requirements in the foreground, which are placed on temperature sensors.
With the publication of VDI / VDE 3512, the high demands placed on energy-efficient building and room automation are taken into account and the decision-making basis for the selection of the most qualified temperature measurement technology is created for the building equipment suppliers. According to guideline VDI / VDE 3512 part 4 the tolerance classes A / B / C TGA are differentiated. Quality-compliant temperature sensors with corresponding test results may bear the marking A TGA, B TGA or C TGA as well as the VDI / VDE identification, whereby the tolerance class A TGA is rated highest.
The GFR range of temperature sensors has been developed and designed in conjunction with or in parallel with the revised version of the VDI Guideline 3512.

Datasheet Conformity declaration Manual
F-AFF-U Outside humidity sensor
F-AHKF-U Outside luminance sensor
F-ALTF221 Mounted temperature sensor
F-ATF121B Outside temperature sensor with optional radiation protection plate
F-BW360 Room Movement sensor
F-ClimaSens-D Climate sensor
F-ClimaSens-DTF Climate sensor
F-ClimaSens-DW Climate sensor
F-ClimaSens-DWTF Climate sensor
F-DDPT-U Differential pressure transmitter for gaseous media
F-DDPTM Differential pressure transmitter for gaseous or liquid media
F-ETF521 Pipeline temperature sensor
F-FKATF121 Rapid duct temperature sensor
F-KCO2T1 CO2 and temperature measuring transmitter for duct mounting
F-KFF-U Duct humidity sensor
F-KFTF-20U Duct humidity/temperature for extreme conditions
F-KFTF-E Duct humidity and temperature sensor
F-KLQ1 Duct air quality sensor
F-KTF121 Cable temperature sensor
F-LS500 Room light sensor
F-MWTF121PE... Mean value temperature sensor
F-RCO2T2 Room CO2 and temperature sensor
F-RCO2TF1 Room CO2, humidity and temperature sensor
F-RFF-U Room humidity sensor
F-RFTF-20U Room humidity/temperature sensor for extreme conditions
F-RFTF-E Room humidity and temperature sensor
F-RLQ Room air quality sensor
F-ROF Flexible submersible temperature sensor
F-RTF121 Room temperature sensor
F-RTF321 Room temperature sensor setpoint-potentiometer
F-SPT-U Pressure measurement transducer for gaseous or liquid media
R-BCP Pressure switch
R-BCPxH Pressure relief valve for rising pressure
R-BCPxL Pressure relief valve for falling pressure
R-DRIW-E16 V-Belt monitor
R-KH Duct-hygrostat
R-KLSW10 Air-flow Sensor
R-KLSW4 Air-flow sensor
R-KRM-2 Smoke switch for duct monitoring with VDS approval
R-KRM-2-DZ Smoke switch for duct monitoring with DIBT certification
R-LDS Differential pressure switch for gaseous media
R-LRS01 Smoke switch system for ventilation duct monitoring
R-RH Room hygrostat
R-RS142 Optical smoke switch for room monitoring
R-RTS-T Room temperature controller
R-SW Flow indicator for piping installation
R-SWM Water detector
R-WFS-1EPL Paddle vane relais
T-THM | THN Submersible cases

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