Hospital Kirchheim Nürtingen

Future-proof positioning thanks to new clinic building

GFR Reference Hospital Kirchheim Nürtingen
Source: medius KLINIKEN gGmbH | © Britt Moulien


As a replacement for the existing hospital, a new building with 331 beds including 18 intensive care beds was completed for the Medius Clinic Nürtingen in 2009, which is divided into a functional building and a nursing building.

The hospital comprises all central functional units with intensive care unit, emergency room, surgery, radiology, internal medicine, gynaecology and laboratory.

GFR ensures economical operation and comfort with sustainable solutions

The automation of hospitals is always a particular technical challenge. It is necessary to take the most diverse requirement profiles for different rooms into account: From administration and wards to operating theatres and intensive care. Ultimately, the focus is on people and the well-being of the patient.

This is the motivation through which GFR contributes technical expertise and sustainable solutions for comfort, energy efficiency and economical operation and equally supports all stakeholders by means of building automation solutions.

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