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Hotels with a family atmosphere

GFR Reference Van der Valk Hotels
Source: DIGICONTROL Benelux B.V.


The hotels in the Van der Valk chain speak for themselves. With 93 hotels today, Van der Valk Hotels and Restaurants is the largest Dutch hotel chain and has its origins as early as 1862.
The family atmosphere, which is also reflected in the accompanying holiday homes, is a trademark of the hotel chain.

The expansion of Valk Hotels and Restaurants to Germany began with the opening of the hotel in Moers in 1986. Today, the chain is running 14 hotels in Germany.

Reconstruction, new building and maintenance - integrated with GFR building automation solutions


GFR has been providing Van der Valk Hotels with the right climate, energy-efficient building operation and smooth running in the field of plant engineering for many years.
We are happy to offer various solutions and disciplines covering everything from "classic” measuring and control technology to comprehensive energy management and monitoring via the WEBVISION building management system. Numerous reconstructions and new buildings have been realised over the years in a spirit of partnership.

As a building automation specialist, GFR contributes its high technical expertise and ensures satisfied guests, employees and operators with energy efficiency solutions and maximum comfort.

Excerpt of the Van der Valk Hotels supported by GFR:

DIGICONTROL R4D.RC05 Room operating unit in Van der Valk Hotels
Source: GFR
  • Van der Valk Almere
  • Van der Valk Moers
  • Van der Valk Heerlen
  • Van der Valk Almelo
  • Van der Valk Sneek
  • Van der Valk Hengelo
  • Van der Valk Hildesheim
  • Van der Valk Duiven
  • Van der Valk Harderwijk
  • Van der Valk Nootdorp
  • Van der Valk Nieuwekerk
  • Van der Valk Ridderkerk
  • Van der Valk Roermond
  • Van der Valk Stein
  • Van der Valk Eindhoven
  • Van der Valk Wassenaar
  • Van der Valk Schiphol
  • Van der Valk Brugge
  • Van der Valk Spier
  • Van der Valk Sassenheim
  • Van der Valk Düsseldorf
  • Van der Valk Venlo


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