Condair Systems GmbH, Norderstedt

Showcase project for sustainable building

Condair headquarters equipped with innovative GFR solutions that ensure optimum energy efficiency

The Swiss company Condair, the world market leader in the field of air humidification and evaporation cooling, opened its new company headquarters with logistics centre and production facility in Norderstedt (Schleswig-Holstein) in June 2017.

The architecturally sophisticated storage, production and administration building represents a milestone in the corporate history of Condair. The company brings together the logistics and factories from four countries on the 8,500 square metres at the Norderstedter Nordportbogen. The building complex comprises attractive office spaces and a modern training and seminar centre where employees and customers are trained and qualified.


Intelligent interaction between GFR building automation and Condair humidification technologies

Condair trusts in GFR in the areas building automation and energy saving. Our smart building automation solutions ensure the efficient operation of the innovative Condair ventilation technology and the cutting-edge energy producers. Thanks to the combination of geothermal energy, photovoltaics, a green roof and our automation solutions CO2, savings of about 100,000 kg/year and an energy consumption of 50 % in comparison to the specifications of the Energy Savings Ordinance are forecasted. The aforementioned innovations make the new Condair corporate headquarters a showcase project for sustainable building. Innovations and technologies from the Condair product range, such as steam humidification with an embedded heat recovery and various direct indoor humidifiers are applied for establishing an optimum indoor climate in the production and administrative buildings.


Pleasant and healthy indoor climate

“Productivity, sustainability and health through air and water“– this vision can be experienced in Norderstedt: State-of-the-art technologies for a comfortable indoor climate supply fresh air and exceed climate-relevant standards. The temperature is between 22 and 26 ºC the whole year and the relative air humidity is in the range between 40 and 60 % r.h., which is healthy for the employees.

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