Wendt & Kühn KG, Grünhainichen

Finest wooden handicrafts and music boxes made in the Erzgebirge

GFR Reference Wendt & Kühn KG Grünhainichen
Source: Wendt & Kühn KG

WENDT & KÜHN KG – Workshops for fine figurative woodworks and music boxes - was founded in 1915 and is one of the most traditional companies in the branch.

Wendt & Kühn employs approximately 200 people, has its headquarters in Grünhanichen and is known for producing wooden figures and music boxes of the highest quality in the tradition of the Erzgebirge. The company is well positioned with two own sales shops in Grünhanichen and Seiffen, more than 750 specialist dealers in Germany and 250 trade representations abroad. Today, the manufacturer's product range comprises about 400 figures.

GFR's energy services reduce procurement costs

GFR has been coordinating and managing the entire energy procurement of natural gas and electricity for WENDT & KÜHN KG since 2014. The results speak for themselves: since the beginning of the measures, a 39% reduction in the procurement costs for energy, especially electrical energy, has been achieved compared to the existing contract.

More information and the reference letter of Wendt & Kühn KG can be found here.

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