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Sustainability and energy efficiency for Jena's landmark

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The JenTower (also called Intershop Tower or Jena Tower) is the highest office building in the new federal states of Eastern Germany at 144.5 m and comprises 31 storeys and around 700 offices on a total floor space of 22,000 m².

The JenTower is the first building in Thuringia that has been certified by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Rated in six criteria (including ecological, economic, socio-cultural functional and technical quality as well as process and location quality), the office building was awarded the DGNB seal in silver in 2012.

The facade consists of silver-vaporised mirror glass with a high light transmission and a high infrared reflection, i.e., light rays pass through the windows, heat rays are reflected by almost 50 %. The heating of the tower is minimised by almost 50% compared to conventional buildings through natural means. The JenTower has a reinforced concrete construction with high heat storage capacity. The reinforced concrete construction absorbs a lot of heat and gives it back in autumn and late autumn. This is an energy-optimised situation, as on hot days room cooling costs are reduced and heating costs are reduced. The tower also pursues sustainable, energy-efficient paths in the field of refrigeration: the cooling system, including energy recovery, is extremely economical.

Full control of room functions due to intelligent room automation

GFR room automation solutions in the JenTower allow you to work from any workstation without getting up from your PC:

  • open the windows
  • to regulate the room heating
  • to adjust the blind
  • to dim the light.

Many partitions in the entire building are equipped as flexible dividing walls, so that companies can take advantage of the possibility of moving walls, inserting new walls or extending walls within a short time in order to achieve optimum flexibility in office organisation. The high technical expertise of GFR is also important here for being able to operate rooms flexibly, comfortably and energy-efficiently.

The trade fair light + building, together with the architecture magazines "AIT" and "Intelligente Architektur", announced the design and architecture prize. The jury praised the room automation system made by GFR as a trend-setting innovation in the field of building technology. By moving flexible partition walls at the click of a mouse, all trades are reorganised fully automatically in accordance with the new requirements.

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