Sennheiser - Innovation Campus

GFR ensures energy-efficient operation of the Sennheiser Innovation Campus

Source: Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG

There is no doubt that the audio and microphone specialist Sennheiser in Wedemark, Lower Saxony, is the most modern centre for innovation in the audio industry. Sennheiser celebrated the inauguration of its first Sennheiser store in Germany in the new Innovation Campus at the company's headquarters at the beginning of 2015. The audio specialist offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy sensational listening experiences and find out about Sennheiser's multifaceted product world.

The approximately 7,000 square meters of usable space accommodate collaborative types of work and project space for around 300 workstations consisting of 8 project spaces, 4 communication areas and 17 meeting rooms. The Innovation Centre also includes an impressive foyer, a flagship store that allows customers to discover the brand and its products, and a 200-seat event area that offers the opportunity to test and further enhance new Sennheiser products under real conditions.

Ice storage as a technical highlight

Its own ice storage system under the building complex, which serves the air-conditioning of the building complex, is the "heart" and a technical highlight at the same time. The 20m x 10m x 6m ice storage tank, a so-called seasonal storage tank, contains 1,000,000 litres of water, which are used to generate heat energy in winter and cooling energy in summer. This is performed by a planned freezing of the ice reservoir. Ice is formed during the cold season by using a heat pump to warm the building. Heat is extracted from the ice storage tank and it cools down, so that at the end of the heating season there are approx. 800 cubic metres of ice in the ice cellar, which is used to cool down the building during the warm season. This removes the cold from the ice storage tank and 1,000,000 litres of warm water are available again at the start of the heating season.

Comfortable monitoring of the property

The automation of the technical centres and the rooms is done by the automation systems DIGICONTROL and ROOM4D by GFR. The other building systems of the technical building services, such as Crestron and KNX, are connected via the GFR automation system DIGICONTROL ems2.

The technical building and property management system of the new building and the entire property is carried out using the GFR BACnet Operator Workstation "WEBVISION". In addition to the control system, DIGICONTROL ems4.EC4-7 touch terminals are used for visualisation within the sets of controllers.

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