Prison Bremen and Bremerhaven

Correctional facility bundles central functions

The Bremen Correctional Facility was established in 1990 by merging seven prisons with a total of nine specialist departments in Bremen:

  • Correctional facility Oslebshausen (consisting of three departments)
  • Correctional facility Blockland (closed since 2005)
  • Bremen remand centre
  • Lesum juvenile detention centre (closed since 1988)
  • Prison Bremen-Blumental


In total, the Bremen JVA can accommodate up to 724 prisoners and has about 370 employees. The prison in Oslebshausen has been a listed building since 1993. Over the years, new buildings were erected and the old ones modernised. In 2004, the women's prison was also integrated from the Blockland prison into the Oslebshausen prison at Fuchsberg. In 2012, a new central building was integrated into the Oslebshausen prison to bundle central functions such as the security centre, administration, visitor area, transport and hospital ward as well as 100 new detention places.

GFR modernises the entire building technology

Since 2012, the prisons in Bremen and Bremerhaven have been completely modernised in several construction phases. As a specialist for building automation systems (measuring and control technology), GFR is bringing its expertise to this project and is carrying out the modernisation of the entire building technology at both locations.

At the end of the completed rebuilding work, there will be a state-of-the-art site. The building operator benefits from energy-optimised systems, high efficiency, comfort and optimum system availability.

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