Chamber of Trade Bielefeld

Competence centre for the Chamber of Trade Ostwestfalen-Lippe zu Bielefeld

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Source: Handwerkskammer Ostwestfalen-Lippe zu Bielefeld | © deterinddesign GmbH

A modern training and competence centre for intelligent building technologies, the "Campus Handwerk", was built on 22,000 square metres of land in Bielefeld in 2015. This project combines all educational institutions scattered throughout the region as well as the headquarters of the Chamber of Trade Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Bielefeld in one central location.

The interior is used for administration, catering areas and training rooms. The administrative areas were divided according to the open space concept, so that smaller units are grouped together in one open-plan office. There are team and standing work zones, creative corners and rest zones. The flatter part of the Campus Handwerk consists of four floors and houses the workshops and training areas.

In addition to excellently equipped premises for the various craft trades, the new building serves as a "business card" for the craft trades in order to generate junior staff and increase the attractiveness of the craft trades.

Handwerkskammer Ostwestfalen-Lippe zu Bielefeld | © deterinddesign GmbH

GFR is responsible for comfortable plant operation and maximum comfort at the Handwerk Campus. In addition to the "classic" trades such as heating and ventilation, all trades of the technical building services are controlled.

The BACnet-certified WEBVISION 5 building management system, together with DIGICONTROL automation technology, provides an effective interaction of all components and systems, thus ensuring perfect working and learning conditions at the Handwerk Campus Bielefeld.

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