GFR is your solution provider for sustainable building automation systems


Our branch defines solutions as the professional implementation of automation systems for modern buildings with:

  • maximum operational reliability and availability
  • best comfort while ensuring the highest energy efficiency
  • all-emracing implementation of industrial and user-specific requirements
  • high-quality and long-lasting systems incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and standards
  • the integration of all building service trades.


Our company goes one step further and perceives your projects as future-oriented challenges: We are committed to integrated building automation in each individual phase of the building life cycle – from planning to building operation and reutilisation. Project 360° describes our unique project development, planning and implementation process whose applications comprise continuous project communication as well as the digitalised implementation of the building automation system. This process digitalises, automates and optimises value creation on the highest level within all phases of the building life cycle. This results in sustainable, migration-capable smart buildings that also meet the increasing demands of tomorrow.

We would like to introduce you to what we are referring to on the following pages.


GFR life cycle building phases

Our driving force is the innovation in building automation

The implementation of a building automation system (BAS) comprises execution planning, project management, workshop and assembly planning, automation systems, software, switchgear, electrical installation, as well as assembly and commissioning up to maintenance during ongoing operation. We take advantage of our expertise during the professional implementation. GFR is an experienced partner who thinks and acts holistically. Our expertise, products and services ensure comprehensive and high-quality building automation systems. We supply everything from a single source. This is the only way to create energy-efficient buildings that meet the needs of investors, operators and users, today and, above all, in the future. These "Smart Buildings" are distinguished by security, availability, comfort, resource-saving use of energies, low operating costs and the implementation of individual usage requirements.

GFR is the right partner for you throughout the entire building life cycle. We enable sustainable planning, successful implementation and effective utilisation through our holistic approach.

Take advantage of our expertise:

  • GFR is the builder of sustainable, safe building automation systems (BAS)
  • GFR is a responsible and high-quality supplier in control cabinet production
  • We rely on tools and software for efficient engineering and develop them independently.
  • Being a provider and developer of building automation management systems, including a sophisticated energy data management, we offer tailor-made solutions for efficient operation and monitoring of modern buildings.
  • Our after sales service is the first point of contact when it comes to professional maintenance and support of your systems in accordance with applicable laws, standards and guidelines like AMEV and VDMA 24186.
  • Our integration solutions for all common protocols in building automation ensure a convenient integration of all trades and a perfect interaction.
  • We migrate conventional automation systems into new structures. Our Retrofit solutions ensure sustainability and future security.

Our advanced solutions for all phases of the building life cycle:

Project development

The first phase in the building life cycle, project development, is already of significant importance as this is where the foundation is laid for the conception and planning of larger projects in particular.

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The planning and execution of systems and rooms in the field of building automation requires planners and contractors to have extensive technical know-how and knowledge of the corresponding directives, regulations and standards. GFR offers solutions for consistent planning, configuration and realization!

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A holistic project management is essential in the implementation phase of the building life cycle. Many factors have to be taken into account and coordinated in a timely and cost-effective way. Learn more about our solutions!

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Different target groups are involved in the operating phase of a building life cycle and they pursue different goals as a matter of course. Everyone has to be taken into account. This is why proven solutions are required and tremendously important.

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Rapidly advancing innovations are revolutionising the technical possibilities and lead to constantly changing demands on the infrastructure of modern buildings. This particularly applies to building technology.

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Take advantage of our expertise!

For all questions, starting with the planning, implementation, optimization and support of your buildings, you have only one contact person with GFR.



Why are solutions so important for all phases of the building lifecycle?

GFR building life cycle

We enable sustainable planning, successful implementation and utilisation by taking a holistic approach. Our experts for all life cycle stages, from project preparation to dismantling and recycling , are able to offer the desired professional support in all phases. GFR’s lifecycle-spanning services contribute to the project success of investors, building owners, construction or demolition companies as well as building operators.

The building life cycle begins with a project idea and preparation and ends with dismantling and recycling. We see our cooperation with clients as focusing on the entire life cycle of a property or real estate. Both economic and ecological expenditures over the entire service life are taken into account and already optimised at the project preparation stage. Building Information Modeling (BIM) already comprises all components of a building during project development and planning. BIM goes beyond 3D and increases the three primary spatial dimensions (width, height and depth) with time as the fourth dimension (4D) and costs as the fifth (5D). BIM software defines objects parametrically as objects are defined as parameters and relations to other objects, so that when a related object is changed, the dependent object will change automatically. As well digitalised product and geometry data as structural and technical interfaces are stored in all objects. Building automation system objects contain additional data such as cables, CAD control cabinet assemblies, AS assignment and software, VDI 3814 data, etc.

Future-oriented with GFR: Building automation in the age of digitalisation

Climate change, digital transformation, urbanisation and globalisation have an impact on the building services industry and are shifting priorities in building automation: Keywords here are the faster pace of innovation, greater security requirements and the increasing importance of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Rapidly progressing technologies take over more and more functions in building automation:

  • Digitalisation
  • Cloud computing
  • Edge computing
  • IoT services


Our systematic migration strategies accompany you into the digital world of building automation:
From the migration and budget planning to the implementation and step-by-step modernisation of existing systems to state-of-the-art technologies.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Long-term investment planning
  • Maintaining and increasing the value of properties
  • Efficiency gains in operation
  • Compliance with the requirements of the IT security law (IT-SiG) as of 25 July 2015

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We accompany you on your way into the digital world

The "digital transformation" will completely reshape building automation. Although still in its early stages, it has already had a noticeable impact on all sectors and priorities of the industry. A new quality feature of today's building automation systems (BAS) is gaining in importance and is ultimately increasingly becoming a question of survival: "Migration capability" for tomorrow's technologies.

Today GFR's innovative solutions and future-proof technologies ensure that buildings will remain attractive for owners, investors, operators and tenants in the long term:

  • Migration-capable building automation
  • Application of IoT and Cloud Services
  • Advanced comfort and energy efficiency, optimised building operation
  • Long-term attractiveness of the building
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Satisfied users and tenants
  • Positive image in the real estate market
  • Automatic generation of the complete execution planning
  • Consistent and coherent documentation
  • Savings in ongoing operating costs


GFR Brochure ISH 2019

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Take advantage of our expertise!

For all questions, starting with the planning, implementation, optimization and support of your buildings, you have only one contact person with GFR.



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