Digitization of building automation processes

Digitized building automation processes throughout the building lifecycle

Digital Workflow in Building Automation - DIGIVISION Smart Building Cloud Services - From project management to cloud application

State-of-the-art technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) and BIM (Building Information Modelling) and their multiple possibilities will expand the horizon of building automation (BA) tremendously. Therefore, trend-setting buildings create fundamentally new requirements for building automation systems, their functionality, networks, data and handling.


Our expertise is the creation and implementation of innovative and sustainable automation systems in the age of digitalisation. From the project management to the cloud application throughout the entire life cycle of your building


DIGIVISION Smart Building Cloud Services

GFR Smart Building Cloud Services

Organization of digitized processes, web server, archive, portal, IoT and cloud services

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Engineering system WEBPROJECT

The basis for sustainable development and planning: Consistently digitized engineering systems

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Project Management PROJECT 360°

Digitized information flow and realization of the planning

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intelligent Building Automation Suite

Designing new automation concepts with a digitized workflow from project management and planning

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Building IoT Controller DIGICONTROL ems5

Connection of building automation to cloud and IoT services

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Building management platform WEBVISION 5

Sustainable operation of pioneering technologies

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