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GFR Project management tool PROJECT 360°

The dimensioning, labelling and software configuration of the DIGICONTROL automation systems is carried out within the configuration tool iBASuite and WEBPROJECT provides the required data. The configuration of the building management platform WEBVISION 5 is performed by means of WEBPROJECT, which comprises all plant graphics and information for the animation.

The GFR project management tool PROJECT 360° receives all product details, plant data and circuit diagrams that are required for commissioning from WEBPROJECT as well.

GFR takes advantage of the digitalised project with great success. Benefit from WEBPROJECT: In order to apply this consistent workflow as DIGICONTROL partner or user, we have developed the WEBPROJECT DIGICONTROL-Edition (incl. CAD tool for the automatic generation of circuit diagrams) which is exclusively offered by GFR within the DIGICONTROL group.

A special training program will enable you to take full advantage of the automated planning and project engineering within a very short time.

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