DIGIVISION ODS - The networked documentation solution

Take advantage of digital documentation to optimise your operational processes

With DIGIVISION ODS, GFR offers a networked documentation solution

As buildings are becoming increasingly complex, the challenges in planning and documentation are also growing. In order to enable the control of the building services and to exclude damages due to incorrect use, care and maintenance, a complete and always up-to-date documentation of the building and the plant technology is necessary. The documentation of every plant usually requires huge amounts of paper, sometimes in duplicate. Keyword searches are not possible and changes are time-consuming and expensive. In practice, incomplete and poorly structured documentation often leads to additional costs for building operation.

Efficient documentation management can result in significant savings for building operators, facility managers and technical personnel: You wish to get the required information quickly and easily without having to search for a long time. Manuals, data sheets, installation instructions or plant layouts are available for you anytime and anywhere - flexible and sustainable. Operators receive a holistic overview of the plant documentation and fast, uncomplicated support in the procurement of spare parts in case of defects. A significant additional benefit is the time and cost savings when operating the building.

Let us face the fact that the era of printed manuals is almost over. Companies increasingly rely on digital solutions such as online platforms in order to provide the technical documentation of facilities and rooms, software or a building automation and control component (e.g. sensors).

DIGIVISION ODS - The networked documentation solution

The Online Document Service DIGIVISION ODS by GFR provides a highly available, clear and digital solution for the documentation of your technical plants, components and software.
DIGIVISION ODS breaks new ground and provides a vivid, sustainable documentation with effective keyword search, which also covers the document content. Direct linking of a data point within the WEBVISION 5 management and control equipment to a device ensures harmonious integration into the DIGIVISION product family.

ODS can be accessed via any device with web browser and Internet connection. Documents can also be made available offline in the mobile app so that access is also possible in locations without a network or internet connection, such as basements or shielded warehouses. Using the integrated QR Code scanner, a device can be called up directly via the cable tag. During maintenance, work carried out can be immediately documented. Photos and notes supplement the available information in the system. Adaptation, commenting and maintenance is a central part of any documentation. For this purpose, the Online Document Service has an audit-proof storage system that makes all changes traceable in the long term.


The features of DIGIVISION ODS:

  • Online availability of the documentation
  • Mobile and offline use in the app at any time
  • Interfaces to further management functions
  • Scan QR Code directly on the device
  • The device symbols within the user interfaces (WEBVISION 5) link directly to the corresponding documentation.
  • Devices for which maintenance intervals or statutory maintenance regulations that have to be complied are managed appropriately.
  • The documentation is multilingual and contains data sheets, manuals, functional descriptions, plans, drawings, circuit diagrams, certificates, special documents, etc.
  • The user interface features device-specific ordering services, hotlines, addresses, contact persons and telephone numbers.
  • The maintenance and extension of the documentation is digitalised, menu-driven and quickly completed.
  • Your own notes and documents are categorised and stored if required. ODS has an audit-proof storage system for this purpose.


Our solution in practice

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Time, cost and personnel savings when operating the building
  • Value retention of the property based on the up-to-date and complete documentation
  • A facility manager has access to all documentation of the technical building services within his property portfolio
  • Data immediately available, also mobile
  • Convenient search options
  • Data protection

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