Building automation system is the central element in the implementation phase


A holistic project management is essential in the implementation phase of the building life cycle. Many factors have to be taken into account and coordinated in a timely and cost-effective way: A wide variety of disciplines must be taken into consideration here, from trade coordination, scheduling and capacity planning (CPM), acceptance through to handling project-related product data. Furthermore, it is necessary to realise the foundation of the implementation, a modern and future-proof building automation system: Reliable automation stations (DIGICONTROL) and configuration tools (iBASuite), comprehensive solutions for system integration of technical building services, building automation systems with significant monitoring, analytics and energy data (building management WEBVISION 5).

Project 360° offers the automated, digital workflow for the holistic design of complex building automation and control systems (BACS), project engineering, on-site installation and commissioning.

Benefits for specialist planners:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Simplified coordination of trades
  • Maximum transparency through continuous insight into the process chain
  • Construction schedule (Gantt diagram) of work orders
  • Open communication and documentation of the provided services
  • Real-time cost management
  • Early detection of construction disturbances
  • Digital construction file, construction site documentation and site journal
  • Daily updated execution statuses

Constructors benefit from our solutions:

  • Automatic generation of the entire workshop and assembly planning
  • Semi-automated configuration of Building Automation and Control System (BACS) and Building Automation Management (BAM)
  • Digitalised project management “Digital construction file“
  • Commissioning management, VDI 6039 (Facility Management – Commissioning Management for Buildings - Methods and Procedures for Technical Building Services)
  • Scheduling and capacity planning (SCP)
  • Consistent and harmonious documentation
icon Project management - Digital construction file

Solution - Project management - Digital construction file

Integrated project management, digital construction file, scheduling and capacity planning (TKP) are just a few key words that make working within project management easier and more efficient

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icon Implementation DIGICONTROL ems5

Solution - DIGICONTROL ems5

DIGICONTROL ems5 entails future-oriented automation and control strategies for the implementation of smart buildings - efficient, flexible and sustainable

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icon Implementation iBASuite

Solution - iBASuite

intelligent Building Automation Suite - The software for the implementation of new automation concepts

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icon BKOM firedamper communication system

Solution - BKOM firedamper communication system

Safe monitoring and control as well as automatic test runs of fire dampers (BSK) with motorised actuators

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icon Implementation economizer

Solution - DIGICONTROL Economizer

ems4.ECONO regulates air conditioning systems in a world-wide unique optimization process according to comfort, environmental and economic requirements

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icon Implementation hydromizer

Solution - DIGICONTROL Hydromizer

Calculation of the dynamically compensated state, even if the hydraulic system has been compensated inadequately

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icon Implementation lumenizer

Solution - DIGICONTROL Lumenizer

The cloud service for solar irradiation provides virtual sensors for the best energy efficiency optimization and comfort maximization in building and in particular room automation

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icon Implementation meteomizer

Solution - DIGICONTROL Meteomizer

Cloud service for weather forecast optimises the automation functions by integrating weather forecast data into the control strategy

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