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Digitalised building solutions with DIGICONTROL ems5

Building IoT Controller DIGICONTROL ems5 by GFR


The present and future developments of the digital transformation will significantly modify the way buildings and their automation and control systems are planned, constructed and operated in the upcoming years. Digitalised processes are the focus of our endeavours, which include the holistic implementation of each phase of the building life cycle. Increasing networking via IoT, cloud computing and BIM opens up a wide range of opportunities for automating and improving processes.

This is the cornerstone for implementing highly efficient new services with considerable benefits for investors, builders, operators and users.

The DIGICONTROL ems5 automation equipment is an integral part of the PROJECT 360° process, from BACS design to the planning and operation of modern buildings within all stages of the building life cycle.

PROJECT 360° denotes a smart and, in terms of its functional scope, unique process that enables the consistently digitalised implementation of sustainable building automation and control systems (BACS). This process digitalises, automates and optimises value creation at the highest level within all phases of the building life cycle.

GFR Workflow Process PROJECT360 ems5

ems5 as Edge Controller

"Edge controllers" are devices that act as an interface between buildings and the Internet, enabling the application of cloud technologies in buildings and machines and directly implementing corresponding services in individual areas. DIGICONTROL ems5 comprises the appropriate hardware and software for implementing the “Edge functions”.


ems5 as Building IoT Controller

"Building IoT controllers" are pieces of automation equipment with the special feature of integrating devices and services from the Internet of Things (IoT) into building automation and control systems (BACS). We create services with great benefits for all stakeholders by incorporating the manifold information from IoT. Especially operators and users take advantage and save money, because operation is the longest phase in the building life cycle.


Outsourcing of BACS services

DIGICONTROL ems5 takes the next step and already represents the next generation of building automation and control systems. By outsourcing the automation equipment services, ems5 becomes part of a global infrastructure and enjoys the accompanying advantages of being able to position itself in the middle of the network instead of just on the edge or outside.


DIGICONTROL ems5 ensures safer, more comfortable and efficient buildings

The technologies and services of DIGICONTROL ems5 create healthy and productive environments and set unique standards in comfort, efficiency, economy and availability of modern buildings with unique building automation solutions. The integration of the technical building equipment is carried out in accordance with VDI 3814 and also using innovative smart building concepts.


Enhanced comfort and efficiency in room automation

DIGICONTROL ems5 comprises unique solutions for networking rooms and trades of building automation. It provides ideal settings for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading, optimising comfort and increasing efficiency in every room. ems5 covers all areas , from single trades to fully integrated buildings. Furthermore, our ems5 works with sophisticated algorithms that support you in combining optimum comfort with energy efficiency and lowest operating costs.


Visualisation and operation

Building and room automation shall be able to communicate with the user in a clear and understandable manner. It is a fact that the effective communication with people is one of the most important quality features of intelligent building automation and control systems.

The DIGICONTROL control units are characterised by comfort and high performance. Ethernet/IP, BACnet/IP and other interfaces of modern building automation and control systems allow direct integration into the BACS network. It is possible to install the operating and display units and touch panels at any location in the building and you can also visualise and operate all BACS components and the integrated technical building services.

Our mobile operation is innovative: Simple and intuitive, via smartphones and tablet PCs, via Internet and, if required, via WiFi / WLAN. The ems5 fulfils all requirements. You are independent and control everything comfortably and safely, even when you are not on site.


Configuration, parameterisation and programming of the automation device ems5 through intelligent building automation (iBASuite)

The iBASuite, our tool for programming and configuring automation equipment, implies comprehensive tools for constructing intelligent smart buildings and for configuring, parameterising and programming our automation equipment ems5.


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Secure building automation and control systems data - Cyber security


The ongoing networking of buildings with the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud services requires the effective protection of IT and BACS through reliable measures that ensure the availability of the networks and the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of building data.

Building automation and control systems by GFR provide comprehensive security features such as TLS, SSH, VPN and a firewall that prevents unauthorised network access. Integrated password protection and secure communication protect against unauthorised access to functions, program content and against malicious software. User interventions are logged completely and contribute to the protection of your systems. The safety concept and configuration of the DIGICONTROL automation equipment bases on IEC 62443, the international standard for Cyber Security for Industrial Automation. The "BACnet/SC" (BACnet Secure Connect) security standard guarantees that building automation and control systems will be even more secure in the future.


Overview of the ems5 features:

DIGICONTROL ems5 combines secure building automation and control systems and data with high performance, versatile integration options and intuitive operation


The outstanding performance of the CPU and memory ensures short response times and enables the implementation of complex mathematical calculations and algorithms that are the basis for intelligent building automation and control functions within smart BACS solutions.

Integration solutions

The ems5 is the central unit of the building automation network and integrates all components of the building services into the building automation and control system. Connections to KNX, DALI, Modbus, M-Bus, SMI, EnOcean as well as to proprietary systems such as Grundfos, Wilo, Belimo MP-Bus, Schüco, ebm-papst and others are possible via extensions using ems4 integration modules.

Individual extendibility of the hardware

Depending on the dimensions of the building services systems, the automation device ems5 is extended by modules of the ems series - economic modular system - which provide a variety of input and output modules for top hat rail, door, field and electrical distribution mounting with or without "local override" (LOC).

Graphical Webserver

The graphical webserver of the ems5 allows the autonomous communication with the building automation and control system in a very comfortable way via webbrowser. The graphical webserver performs the entire operation of the plants of the building services using dynamic graphics. This comprises alarm management, trends and the visualisation of the plants.

Multifunctional hardware

The DIGICONTROL ems5 automation system is both compact and modular, as the 14 inputs are freely configurable as PT/NI1000, 0-10 VDC or DE 24 VDC. Furthermore, four analogue outputs 0-10VDC and six potential-free relay outputs 230 VAC/6A are available.


The optional USB-WLAN adapter allows convenient operation of the automation equipment on site using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks.


The SD card saves relevant building automation and control data as well as historical trend data directly on site, without a management and control equipment (MCE).


DIGICONTROL ems5 can be used as a BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) in accordance with the BACnet Standardized Device Profile L ( ANSI ASHRAE standards 135-2001 and DIN EN 16484-5 ). The communication takes place via BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP.

BACnet Building Controller B-BC, Protocol Rev. 1.15

AMEV profile AS-B in accordance with “BACnet 2017“ (identical to BACnet 2011 V1.2)

Further information - downloads

ems5 building controller - BACnet CONFORMANCE CERTIFICATE No. BTL-30565 - BTL Zertifikat

Download (pdf, 680762)


Download (pdf, 1080929)

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For all questions, starting with the planning, implementation, optimization and support of your buildings, you have only one contact person with GFR.



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