Building IoT controller DIGICONTROL ems5

The future has already begun

Building IoT Controller DIGICONTROL ems5

State-of-the-art technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) and BIM (Building Information Modelling) and their multiple possibilities will expand the horizon of building automation (BA) tremendously.

Therefore, trend-setting buildings create fundamentally new requirements for building automation systems, their functionality, networks, data and handling.


The answer to the question of a technical solution is DIGICONTROL ems5

The amazing features at a glance:

DIGICONTROL ems5 serves the implementation of efficient automation solutions in all sectors of modern building and room automation.

DIGICONTROL ems5 entails unique solutions for connecting the building automation to cloud and IoT services, e.g. to the “DIGIVISION Smart Building Service Cloud“.

  • Wi-Fi

Modern radio technology via WLAN in combination with an optional USB-WLAN adapter allows a comfortable and flawless operation of automation stations on site by means of mobile devices, such as smart phone, tablet and notebook.


HTTPS ensures a secure data transmission.

  • SD-Card

The SD card allows saving the pertinent project information, automation data and historic trend data directly on site, without a management system.

  • Graphical web server

The embedded graphical web server of the ems5 ensures the autonomous communication of the automation systems with the user through commercial web browsers. The graphical web server is used for the operation of all plants that belong to technical building services. This comprises the alarm management, trending and visualisation of plants by means of animated graphics.

  • Implementation of “Smart Buildings“

DIGICONTROL ems5 entails future-oriented automation and control strategies for the implementation of smart buildings - efficient, flexible and sustainable.

  • BACnet

DIGICONTROL ems5 can be used as BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) according to the BACnet Standardised Device Profile in compliance with the Annex L of the ANSI ASHRAE-Standards 135-2001 and DIN EN 16484- 5. The communication is performed by BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP.
BACnet Building Controller B-BC, Protocol Rev. 1.15
AMEV profile AS-B pursuant to „BACnet 2017“
(identically equal to BACnet 2011 V1.2)

  • Performance

The enhanced performance within the CPU and the memory guarantees short response times and enables the implementation of complex mathematical calculations and algorithms, which are the basis for exceptionally efficient building automation solutions and the measuring and control technology.

  • Multifunctional concept

The ems5 automation station is compact and simultaneously modular as the 14 inputs can be freely configured as PT/NI1000, 0-10 VDC or DE 24 VDC. It also entails 4 analogue outputs 0-10VDC and 6 potential-free relay outputs 230 VAC/6A.

  • Extendable overall concept with ems2 and ems4 modules

Depending on the type and dimension of the technical building plants, the automation station ems5 will be extended by modules of the ems2 and ems4 series, which provide a large number of input and output modules for top hat rail, door, field and electrical distribution mounting, with or without local override devices.

  • Integration solutions

As core unit of the building automation network, ems5 integrates all components of technical building services into the building automation system. Connections to KNX, Modbus, M-Bus, OPC, Profibus, DALI, MP-Bus, SMI, EnOcean and manufacturer-specific systems like Grundfos, Wilo, Belimo MP-Bus, Schüco, ebm-papst, etc. are possible by means of ems4 integration modules.

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