DIGICONTROL fire damper modules

BKOM - fire damper communication system with safety ring bus, Modbus interface and BACnet

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The DIGICONTROL BKOM system is designed for safe monitoring and control as well as for automatic test runs of fire dampers (BSK) with motorised actuators. It consists of a central module ems4.BKZ1E (in redundant design comprising two central modules), which communicates via a safety ring bus with up to 100 fire damper modules ems4.DEA2I, which can each connect a fire damper.

System topolgy

Topology BKOM - fire damper communication system with safety ring bus - BSK ring bus system

Added value

High system availability due to BKOM ring bus topology
If a device or a connection is malfunctioning, the fire damper system continues to operate thanks to the ring bus topology. Furthermore, the used CAN technology guarantees fast responses and excellent performance. A redundant design of the central module (optional) provides even more safety.

Fast analysis and diagnosis of faults
The central module uses the ring bus topology to detect and locate defective fire damper motors and interrupted or short-circuited bus connections. It provides the operator with a detailed fault description including the location of the fault source in case of a fault.

Due to the communication of the fire damper via a data bus, fewer electrical cables and a smaller cross-section are required. The simple commissioning also saves time and costs.

Simple, semi-automated and time-saving commissioning
The addressing of the fire damper modules and the optimisation of the data transfer are automated. The commissioning of the ring bus system is supported by diagnostic tools.

Integration in BACnet networks and automation station types with Modbus
The BKOM system enables the secure and trouble-free integration into BACnet networks. The Modbus interface, which is integrated in the central module, enables the BKOM system to be used as an independent unit within all automation systems, which are equipped with a Modbus interface. In this way, the BKOM system can also be used for applications other than DIGICONTROL systems.

The modules at a glance

CAN-Central Module for Safety Ring Bus System DIGICONTROL ems4.BKZ1E

ems4.BKZ1E BKOM central module safety ring bus system

The module ems4.BKZ1E is the intelligent central module for a safety ring bus system for connecting e.g. fire damper modules for motor actuators and other ring bus compatible I/O modules. It automatically sets up and monitors the BKOM safety ring bus system with all its subscribers. It monitors the safety ring bus, automatically locates and eliminates any faults that occur (e.g. short circuit and interruption of the bus system) by communicating with the nodes via the undisturbed second bus connection. The modules reports the detected fault to a higher-level instance with the exact details of the subscriber. By using the central module, the availability of the safety ring bus system increases considerably compared to a line structure. Due to the symmetrical distribution of data transmission within the ring, the module additionally prevents transmission errors and simultaneously reduces communication times. The centrel module is already prepared for extensions with regard to different devices on the bus thanks to its internal modular structure. A further aspect increasing the safety of the system is the possibility of carrying out a redundant structure with a further central module. In the event of a fault, the fault-free central module will take over the function and additionally increase the overall availability of the system. For external connection, the modules provides communication to an automation station as well as a Modbus RTU slave interface based os RS485. The local configuration is performed by means of dedicated setting elements. In addition, the module provides digital inputs that can influence the functions of the safety ring bus subscribers as required.

CAN Field Bus Fire Damper Module for Safety Ring Bus System DIGICONTROL ems4.DEA2I

BKOM fire damper module DIGICONTROL ems4.DEA2I

The module ems4.DEA2I is used for direct connection of a motorised fire damper with feedback signals. The module is suitable for both 230V and 24V actuators. It enables the fire damper to be closed on a test basis via the system bus with simultaneous monitoring of the end positions. The direct connection of the fire damper actuator (voltage and feedback) is performed via standardised connection plugs on top of the connection terminals. An external thermoelectric tripping device is provided for connection. Due to its dual communication interface, ems4.DEA2I is suitable for use in a highly available ring bus system. This ensures continued communication in the event of a fault in the bus system, e.g. due to a short circuit or interruption. Thanks to its installation housing, the module is suitable for direct mounting in the immediate vicinity of the fire damper.

CAN module for connecting a motor-operated fire damper DIGICONTROL ems4.DEA1I

CAN module for connecting a motorized fire damper DIGICONTROL ems4.DEA1I

The module ems4.DEA1I is used for connecting a motor-operated fire damper. It is supplied with a voltage of 230V AC and is suitable for controlling either 230V AC or 24V DC fire damper actuators. The 24V DC voltage is generated by the ems4.DEA1I itself. Galvanically separated inputs are available for the feedback of the fire damper. All status information is indicated via LEDs and transmitted via the system bus to the superordinate controller from where the fire damper can be closed for the test function. The module is not approved for smoke extraction concepts.

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