Cloud service for solar radiation

The DIGICONTROL Lumenizer provides the virtual sensor technology for enhanced energy-efficiency and maximum comfort in building and room automation. The Lumenizer cloud service notifies the DIGICONTROL automation system on the impact of sunlight and solar energy on a specific facade element of the building now or at a specific time.


The data are collected for each individual window and also contain:

  • the position, size, inclination and alignment
  • the radiation reduction
  • and shadowing resulting from opposite buildings, trees and other objects.


The calculation of the solar energy and shadowing is performed by:

  • merging Building Information Modelling with three-dimensional maps of the environment
  • integrating the sun’s position in real time
  • embedding weather APIs
  • and linking the sun position calculation with current and online weather data of the respective location
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Multiple applications

The provided data can be employed for a variety of uses. They are applied in energy, heating and ventilation plants for implementing efficient control strategies for building automation on one hand and for the optimisation of the room automation as it relates to shading systems, illumination, heat output, cooling performance and window opening (ventilation) on the other hand.

Benefit from the added value of the Lumenizer

  • Additional benefits are enhanced comfort for the user of the property and lower costs for the operator, which are realised by:
  • improving the room comfort by means of a constantly optimum and maximum amount of daylight
  • no direct solar radiation means: no glare nor overheating  
  • reducing the heating costs by using solar heat gains during the heating season
  • lowering the cooling costs by a maximum exclusion of solar radiation during the cooling period
  • optimum implementation of standard VDI 3813

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