Cloud service for weather forecast

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The DIGICONTROL Meteomizer optimises the automation functions by integrating weather forecast data into the control strategy.
The Meteomizer cloud service comprises present weather data and weather forecasts, which are implemented into the DIGICONTROL automation system via a cloud service.

The provided data can be employed for a variety of uses. What are applications in the field of building automation? They are used in energy, heating and ventilation plants for the implementation of highly efficient automation and control strategies. The weather forecast data of the following day are applied for the optimisation of sluggish heating and cooling systems such as the concrete core activation. Therefore, sudden changes in weather can be managed much better by an early adaptation of control parameters. The temperature control of large storage masses, such as water reservoirs and ice storage tanks, also takes advantage of this service. Ventilation systems use the data for optimising the free night cooling.

What are applications in the field of room automation? The data are used for the optimised switching-on and lowering of the heating, if applicable, or of the air-conditioning.

Added value of the Meteomizer

Enhanced comfort for the user of the property and lower costs for the operator are some of the most significant additional benefits:

  • Improving the comfort: no overheating of rooms and no freezing in case of weather changes.
  • Reduction of energy costs by optimised switching-on and lowering the heating circuits within the room automation and heating distribution.
  • Lowering the energy costs by means of optimum temperature set points within the control circuits and hence ideal utilisation of energy generators.
  • Sensors and weather stations can be spared on-site by means of the data provided in the cloud.


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