Project management - Digital construction file

Digitally controlled work steps ensure enhanced safety and fewer errors

GFR Project Management Digital Construction file


The term project management comprises the initiation, planning, control, monitoring and completion of projects. If project management is applied in the building automation sector, this will create many opportunities to work cost-effectively and time-efficiently.

The Project 360° process covers all areas and unlocks enormous potential: Integrated project management, digital construction files and schedule and capacity planning (SCP) are just a few keywords that make working within project management simpler and more efficient.

Modern, comprehensive project management relies on good data

The project management that is integrated in Project 360° generates and organises all the work steps that have to be performed for setting up and commissioning each set of controllers (ISP). The scheduling and capacity planning calculates the required time specifications and coordinates intermediate deadlines and completion dates. The Digital Construction File documents everything online, transparently, in real time and, it goes without saying, digitally.


GFR successfully takes advantage of the digital project management's benefits:

  • Maximum transparency through constant monitoring of the process chain
  • Construction schedule (Gantt diagram) of the work orders
  • Open communication and documentation of provided services
  • Real-time cost management
  • Early disturbances detection in the construction process through detailed scheduling and capacity planning
  • Commissioning management, VDI 6039
  • Digital construction file, construction documentation and site diary
  • Daily updated execution statuses


GFR project management schedule for building automation

Automated scheduling and capacity planning (SCP)

The scheduling and capacity planning includes all dates and deadlines concerning the implementation of the project. A schedule for each set of controllers is automatically provided by entering the completion date which is determined on the basis of calculated times, buffers and weekly work times. The manual definition of  milestones is possible for adjustments to the actual project flow.

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