Building operators and facility managers want performance, energy efficiency and availability


Different target groups are involved in the operating phase of a building life cycle and they pursue different goals as a matter of course. Everyone has to be taken into account. This is why proven solutions are required and tremendously important. Innovative GFR technologies and solutions support building operators and facility managers as they optimise performance and availability, maximise energy efficiency, relieve budgets, enable control over building and energy costs, ensure transparency and implement your requirements quickly and flexibly.

You can rely on GFR service and comprehensive advice because of our 40 years of expertise in building automation and building management.


Your benefits:

  • Efficiency optimisation and support throughout the entire life cycle of your buildings
  • Applications for optimised building operation
  • Use of current IoT services and Smart Building Cloud Services
  • Technical and energetic monitoring
  • Consistent and harmonious documentation
  • Simplified, optimised building operation
  • Savings within ongoing operation costs

IT managers are becoming increasingly important for smooth building operation

Building automation systems, plants, security systems, facility management, they all communicate via IT networks, whose smooth operation is the responsibility of the IT managers. IT managers are assuming more and more responsibility within building automation. They are the operators of tomorrow. This is another reason why you are in good hands with GFR as we offer sophisticated monitoring solutions in accordance with VDI 6041 (facility management - technical monitoring of buildings and technical building systems) and ensure convenient system operation.


GFR technology supports IT managers through:

  • Up-to-date and secure IT standards
  • Reliable connection establishment and secure data transmission
  • Regular software maintenance
  • Fast and uncomplicated troubleshooting
  • Smart Building Cloud Services
  • SaaS offers

Satisfied tenants appreciate the comfortable and safe operation of the building

The result of the smooth, efficient and safe building operation are low costs, a top working environment ("Race for Talents") and, above all, satisfied tenants and users who always feel comfortable, safe and protected due to conveniently air-conditioned rooms, healthy environmental conditions and automated scenarios. Furthermore, convenient applications for handling, mobile operation and AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) allow intuitive use of building technology and avoid counterproductive reservations.

icon Operation WEBVISION 5

Solution - WEBVISION 5

Optimal building utilization, economical operation, transparency and security with GFR building management solutions

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icon Opeartion DIGIVISION Cloud

Solution - DIGIVISION Cloud

Implementation of digitized building automation solutions in the cloud

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icon Smart room operating concepts

Solution - Smart operating concepts for complex rooms

Intuitive control of the room automation functions requires intelligent operating concepts

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icon Operation iControl

Solution - iControl

User interface for organizing room automation and flexible management of room layouts

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icon Operation comfort2go

Solution - comfort2go

Transfer functions from building automation and room automation to mobile devices via QR code

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icon Operation RoomTimePlanner

Solution - RoomTimePlanner

Save energy by efficiently planning room usage times and setpoints

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icon Operation Dashboard

Solution - Dashboard

All building data, energy and application data at a glance

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