All building data, energy and application data at a glance

DASHBOARD building and energy data

Many companies and building operators present their visitors concise energy and building data on large screens in their entrance areas.

The DASHBOARD displays selected building data clearly and at a glance, independent from the manufacturer of the management and operation controls.

This works as well on screens in control centres as on mobile devices which enables easy and comfortable remote monitoring.

DASHBOARD offers added value for the operator

  • All data being important for the user are available at a glimpse.
  • Information is always processed in a way to display it in an easily comprehensible and up-to-date manner.

Applications and output media

  • Large screens in entrance areas or control centres
  • Monitoring on mobile devices, tablets computers and smart phones
  • Accessory for management and operating units

Data sources

All data derive from csv files which can be generated by all kinds of computer systems (e.g. SAP). Thus, there are manifold possibilities to implement data into the Dashboard. If building and energy data have to be represented, WEBVISION, WEBVISION 5, WEBENCON and the automation system DIGICONTROL provide interfaces for the generation of the required data.

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