Pioneering cloud-based technologies for sustainable buildings


Digitalised solutions for building automation
The DIGIVISION Cloud is the medium for the implementation of digitalised building automation solutions.
Everything is available in the digitalised world via the DIGIVISION Cloud, from engineering systems, via building management platforms, the creation of the automation hard and software up to IoT services and digitalised project management.

The user access to the cloud is personalised. This ensures that only the information that was created or booked for the respective user can be communicated.

The software and services that are provided by the cloud are linked with the respective projects via tenants.

Users of the cloud

  • Operators of DIGICONTROL automation and DIGIVISION management systems
  • Planners, architects and developers of cutting-edge building automation technologies
  • Creators of state-of-the-art building automation solutions

Smart Building Cloud Services

DIGIVISION Smart Building Cloud - GFR

Management services as added value for the operator

  • Online documentation services
  • Interactive documentation
  • Asset management
  • Asset navigator
  • Dashboards


IoT services for the optimisation of automation systems

  • DIGICONTROL Lumenizer
  • Solar irradiation, shading
  • DIGICONTROL Meteomizer
  • Weather forecast
  • DIGICONTROL Hydromizer
  • Hydraulic systems
  • DIGICONTROL Economizer
  • Air conditioning


SaaS - Software as a Service

  • Cloud-based building automation solutions
  • DIGIVISION rent‘N‘use
  • Web-based engineering system


Services for the configuration and operation of DIGICONTROL automation systems

  • iBASuite
  • DIGICONTROL licence service (“emsX licence tool“)



  • Access to local building management platforms
  • Access to digital project management system of GFR
  • Services of GFR and DIGICONTROL group
  • Online order service
  • Links


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