Save energy by efficiently planning room usage times and setpoints

The solution for energy-efficient use of space

The occupation times of rooms are basically defined once only, exactly when the building or plant are taken into operation, and maintained unchanged ever since. Hence, the operating mode of building automation and heating cannot be adjusted to the actual utilisation of the building. Instead, the room temperature set point values are unnecessarily kept, even in periods of non-use or if there is no utilisation at all.


Room time planner

How the RoomTimePlanner works

RoomTimePlanner provides an interface between different office calendar systems and BACnet-compatible building automation. The times and set point values for room heating are constantly recalculated by the RoomTimePlanner, being based on the actual room occupation in accordance with the entries in the timetables, and then transferred to the building automation system. As a result, energy can be saved and the building can be operated efficiently in every utilisation phase.

Available time management systems

  • Timetable planning software GP Untis/ WebUntis
  • Exchange Server (Outlook)
  • Google Calendar
  • Yahoo Calendar

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