Smart operating concepts for complex rooms

Comfortable operation of room functions

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Modern rooms and interior design are becoming more individual and working and living concepts increasingly special. The use of rooms is also becoming more varied and flexible. For example, the classic open-plan office is being replaced by open-space offices, room functions and multimedia applications in conference rooms are becoming more complex, and room layouts in hotels and apartments are becoming more characteristic.

In practice, the operation of room functions can often become a real challenge for the operator. It should be designed to be intuitive and user-friendly by means of smart operating concepts in order to avoid incorrect operation and to provide real added value in terms of comfort.

Intuitive operation requires intelligent operating concepts

If buildings are furnished with cross-sector room automation and a variety of room functions, the question arises of intuitive operation and intelligent operating concepts for controlling the functions in the individual room structures. It is a fact that the benefits of a "smart building", such as high comfort and optimum energy efficiency, only come into play if intelligent control algorithms are available and the user is able to operate them in an adjusted and intuitive manner. This can hardly be achieved with conventional room operating units.

It requires intelligent room controllers and operation via smart end devices, including sophisticated operating concepts. Individual and complex room controls can be implemented with the R4D.RT7 touch panel and the R4D.RC05 / RC06 room control unit.

Room operating devices R4D.RC05 / RC06

More elegance for room automation - The room operating devices and multifunctional displays of the product line R4D.RC05 | R4D.RC06 are characterised by their brilliant design with sophisticated glass surface, dimmable multifunctional display and function keys and the touch rotary pulse generator being embedded in the glass front. 

It is perfectly suited for all room automation applications like the control of room climate, illumination and blinds in hotels, offices, flats, hospitals, training centres, leisure time facilities, etc.

Room touch panel R4D.RT7

A multi-talent for building and room automation - The touch panel R4D.RT7 is not only used in all fields of modern building and room automation for controlling illumination, blinds, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning but also for the operation of extended functions like the control of multimedia systems, time switches and the setup of specific scenarios.

As the R4D.RT7 communicates with the entire automation system, it is the perfect fit for complex applications spanning all trades in building automation. The R4D.RT7 communicates via Ethernet / BACnet / IP interface

Click your way through

The interactive screen provides an insight into possible room functions of a conference room.

Note: Our demo serves to illustrate the screen optics and operating functions. Since no real room is connected, no real operating states are displayed.


  • Lighting automatic through presence detection
  • Individual lighting configurations by clicking on the segments in the floor plan; these are displayed in blue, e.g. for separable rooms, flexible room layout or open space working.

Room air-conditioning control

  • Presence control and thus fully automated room air conditioning and ventilation control
  • Individual control through temperature regulation as required

Sun and glare protection

  • Shading automatic adjustable by sun protection actuator or weather data
  • Individual sun protection configurations by controlling the blinds. The areas to be controlled are marked with a blue dot in the floor plan.
  • Lamella guidance can be done individually, the areas in the floor plan are also displayed here.

Multimedia control

  • Different scenarios, e.g. the presentation mode, can be configured with one touch. This means that the beamer extends, the screen is lowered, the sound system starts and the blinds are shut according to the weather.
  • Automatic functions can be overridden individually if required.

We offer real benefits:

  • The clear and intuitive operating structure allows a simple and safe operation.
  • A wide range of room functions can also be easily depicted in rooms with complex floor plans.
  • Due to the meaningful symbols, text can be waived and multilingualism is given without translation.
  • The automatic mode always offers room conditions for optimum comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Only one control unit is required even for large areas, which visually enhances the room and eliminates the need to search for the right switch for the area to be operated.
  • "Comfort2go" allows the operation of the rooms via smart terminals: Simply click on the QR code at the top of the display and scan the code.

Operating concept of a lounge area

GFR individual room control concepts Lounge - room automation ROOM4D

The complex room layout and thus sophisticated service of a lounge area is implemented in this example.

The representation of the floor plan and segments ensures the intuitive and convenient operation of all room functions.

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