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GFR – your competent partner in the Retrofit field
  • Defective building systems  which are no longer functioning
  • Lacking operational safety
  • Economic inefficiency due to e.g. high energy costs
  • Outdated technology
  • Lacking comfort
  • No remote maintenance

If there are new or extended requirements for the plants of the technical building services, the automation system normally has to be extended as well. Even though the automation station hardware is in a good condition, the entire building automation system is exchanged because the existing automation system cannot be extended in accordance with the requirements or components are not available anymore. Hence, the modernisation is mostly very cost intensive.

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What does "Retrofit" mean?


“Retrofit is the modernisation or extension of existing, mostly older plants and operating equipment.“

Our solution: DIGICONTROL Retrofit ems4.RF01E – efficient modernisation, refurbishment and repair of existing systems.

The retrofit module ems4.RF01E enables the extension, refurbishment and repair of existing DIGICONTROL PCD 1-, PCD 2-, PCD 4-, PCD 1.NT, Saia PCD1, PCD2 and PCD4- automation systems while reusing the existing I/O automation hardware. Only the CPU module will be exchanged.

The switch cabinet control and the existing building management system can be kept. The costs for the reconstruction are much lower as only the required automation station modules have to be replaces/extended instead of replacing the complete system.

Savings of up to 45% when using DIGICONTROL Retrofit are realistic.

The Benefit:

  • Existing plants are rebuilt quickly and simply
  • Increasing the convenience of operation
  • Only the CPU module is replaced
  • Cost-effective alternative to new construction
  • Savings of about 45% when using Retrofit in comparison to replacing the entire automation system
  • Versatile applications
  • State-of-the art plant technology
  • Future-proof
  • Sustainability
  • Extension of the service life for the automation technology

DIGICONTROL Retrofit – Update your building automation to the latest technological standards

What can you do if the building automation systems are getting old?

We can give a new life to your existing plants by means of our Retrofit module ems4.RF01E. We will whip your plants into shape whether regarding control, visualisation or hardware. Everything is feasible.

Taking a look at security and reliability within the area of building and process automation, it is obvious that a lot has happened, also though the changed legislation. Outdated technology and worn-out switching devices are dangerous for users and personnel and have to be replaced, modernised or repaired for the purpose of safe operation.

The requirements on the functionality of machines and plants have changed considerably. Plant operators demand the logging of individual processes. The input of parameters shall not be performed by the operator but by a superordinate control centre.

Spare parts and service, construction sizes and specifications have changed and it will be more and more difficult to procure spare parts for older plants. Software updates are not supported by older CPUs anymore and current requirements cannot be integrated into the outdated software.

New construction or Retrofit?

If existing problems are solved, automation systems and control cabinets are mostly completely replaced. This is very cost-intensive AND sometimes not necessary at all as the hardware of the automation station is in a perfect condition.

In line with this idea, we have developed the Retrofit module DIGICONTROL ems4.RF01E which is a gateway to existing systems. The Retrofit module enables the refurbishment and repair of existing DIGICONTROL PCD1-, PCD2-, PCD4, PCD1.NT, Saia PCD1, PCD2.M120, PCD2.M150, PCD2.M170, PCD2.M480 and PCD4 automation systems while keeping the existing hardware. Only the CPU-module of the PCDX is replaced and the software is modified. The switching cabinet control and, if applicable, the management and operation controls remain unchanged.

The automation stations of the aforementioned system families can be modernised in a simple and cost-efficient way by means of the DIGICONTROL ems4.RF01E module.

How does it work? Technology and functionality at a glance

You only have one contact person for all questions regarding planning, implementing, optimising and providing support for your buildings.

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Where is Retrofit used?

The use of the ems4.RF01E is recommended if new functions and requirements have to be implemented in an existing DIGICONTROL automation system without replacing the existing hardware.


There are versatile applications:


Repair defective AS hardware.


To perform the migration – the customisation of existing building automation systems to new circumstances within a building.


To extend the existing building automation system by additional building parts and components of the technical building equipment.


To integrate further technical building equipment systems in the building automation system.

Replacement of existing Saia PCD technology

Saia PCD1, PCD2.M120, PCD2.M150, PCD2.M170, PCD2.M480 and PCD4 – automation systems can be brought up-to-date with the latest standards of measuring, control and regulation technology.


To modernise building automation systems compliant to the BACnet standard without the need of replacing the automation station hardware.

HBGA 3.0

To modernise building automation systems compliant to HB GA 3.0 without the need of replacing the automation station hardware.

Energy management in accordance with ISO 50001

To implement a technical energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 by means of WEBENCON.

In which buildings is building automation used?

Building automation can be found in almost all building categories, like office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, event locations, training centres, industry and safety facilities. Each building category has specific requirements with respect to building automation.

An excerpt of our references can be found here:

St. Josef hospital, Linnich

MARITIM Conference hotel, Darmstadt

Another advantage is that you will only have one point of contact for all questions concerning project planning, implementation, optimisation, support and modernisation of your buildings-GFR.

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GFR Retrofit solutions guarantee fast conversion during ongoing operation

We will support you with the use and the possibilities of the retrofit module in your automation system!

The time factor – fast retrofitting during operation

The utilisation of the existing hardware can be continued by deploying the ems4.RF01E. Retrofitting the control cabinet can be performed quickly and easily because you just have to install the ems4.RF01E module and the new CPU of the automation station. The extension of the wiring can be carried out within a few hours and during operation without significant interruption. Replacing the entire automation system on-site would be by far more time-intensive and can only be realised if the complete system was switched off before.

Energy-efficiency and comfort

A lot has been going on in the field of energy-efficient control strategies while rethinking the interaction with the environment and the associated revision of standards in recent years. By using ems4.RF01 during the refurbishment process, building operators have the opportunity to update their control strategies and to improve the user-friendliness of the building automation system.

Planning and documentation

The expenses for planning and documentation can be reduced to a minimum by deploying ems4.RF01E as the building automation system is extended effectively instead of being reconstructed completely.

Users and companies will take advantage of DIGICONTROL Retrofit

GFR has more than 40 years of experience in the fields of building management, building automation and facility management.

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