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Proportional pressure control for air conditioning plants with volume flow controller without feedback message on damper position

Due to reduced budgets, air conditioning plants being variable regarding the volume flow are often performed without a (cost-intensive) index circuit pressure measurement. The pressure sensor is directly installed after the ventilation device in the plant room to save costs. Furthermore, the connected data points of the volume flow controller are limited to Control Volume Flow (set point value volume flow) and Feedback Volume Flow (present value volume flow). The calculation of the speed of the fan motors is performed via a constant pressure control. A pressure set point value is calculated at nominal air volume.
This construction has the crucial disadvantage that the upstream pressure for the volume flow controller is much too high in the partial load range, as the consumed pressure loss is in quadratic proportion to the volume flow.

An essential advantage of proportional pressure control is that no further data points are required and the pressure measurement can be carried out directly after the ventilation device in the plant room further on. The proportional pressure control is especially predestined in spatially widely branched plants with a common supply air and extract air duct.
Energy savings of up to 30% are realistic.

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