The intelligent energy efficiency indicator

DIGICONTROL DEGREEN sets standards in integrated room automation

If the room temperature is set unnecessarily high, e.g. to 22°C, which can still be within the permitted limits, the energy-efficiency display will move towards the red range and the following text message will be displayed: “Do you know that you can reduce your energy consumption by 6 % if you decrease your room temperature by 1 degree (Kelvin)?“ All limit values and text messages are freely configurable and can be modified by the administrator in a target group oriented way. The DEGREEN mask is displayed user-dependently and automatically, e.g. on screens of networked office computers screens, on the touch panels of ROOM4D room operating units and on smart phones.

Depending on the degree of automation, illumination, shading, cooling and all further components of modern room and building automation are implemented in DEGREEN as well.

Reduce energy consumption - increase energy efficiency

DIGICONTROL DEGREEN is an intelligent energy-efficiency display. Going beyond technical building automation, DEGREEN involves the human being in the responsible use of energy.

Depending on existing building data, DIGICONTROL DEGREEN calculates the energy-efficiency level of the current building or room state in relation to the energetic optimum state. The user is shown this energy-efficiency level on a colour gradient from red to green.

Additional information is displayed in a text window in which advice on acting energy-efficiently is given.


energy efficiency is our business

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