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Enhance safety and hygiene in operating rooms, intensive care units and isolation wards

Reliable and highly precise automation of room conditions and hygiene

Running operating theatres, intensive care units and isolation wards is a particular challenge, because hygienically sensitive rooms in which lives are actively saved and health is maintained have particular demands on the technical building services.

An efficient building automation and control system ensures unlimited availability of hospital hygiene areas and highly precise automation of utilisation-dependent room conditions. The result is a perfect environment and working conditions for staff, patients and visitors as well as hygiene to protect against viruses, contagion and infections.

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Protect your assets and buildings from cyber attacks

Sustainable and high level protection measures against cyber attacks

Cybercrime is a growing threat to building security, as the increasing networking of building automation solutions with the Internet makes your company a potential target for cyber attacks.

DIGICONTROL building automation and control systems comprise effective protection mechanisms and services which ensure that your security measures are always up to date.

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Save time, costs and nerves with the digital documentation of your systems

Up-to-date and online available documentation of technical building services and building automation

Building automation consists of many hundreds or even thousands of components. Therefore, the search for documents and files, as well as their maintenance, is often very time-consuming in practice.

A complete and always up-to-date documentation is essential in order to prevent damage due to incorrect use, care and maintenance. An efficient documentation solution can generate significant savings and benefits for building operators.

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Optimising the safe operation of critical infrastructures (KRITIS)

Building automation as essential component of critical infrastructures

Critical infrastructures are facilities of outstanding importance for the community as their failure or impairment has significant consequences for the population. The trouble-free operation of critical infrastructure facilities and systems contributes to the maintenance of important social functions, health, safety, and the economic or social well-being of the inhabitants.

We support companies with critical infrastructures in planning safe building automation systems and their professional implementation.

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Prevent the danger of Legionellae

Efficient protection against Legionellae

Drinking water heating systems and hot water supply in buildings are considered a potential breeding ground for bacteria, such as Legionellae, which can lead to serious diseases in case of infection. Building operators should rely on professional solutions as early as during the planning phase of their properties to ensure reliable protection against Legionellae.


Only state-of-the-art building automation systems guarantee effective protective measures for a carefree, perfectly hygienic supply of water.

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Enhance the effectiveness of meetings through scene control in conference rooms

You can start your meeting with just one push of a button!

Keeping a cool head and reliable technology are essential for the success of a meeting or event. By means of automatic scene control of your room automation system, e.g. multimedia systems, lighting, shading, and room climate are controlled at the push of a button and function as one unit - almost invisibly.


You and your customers can just lean back and relax and do not have to worry about the environmental conditions. Rely on our solution and fully focus on the most important aspect: the event itself!

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