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The Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) has been protecting our country since 1955. All German armed forces with their civilian administration belong to the Bundeswehr. The Bundeswehr is a so-called "parliamentary army", i.e. an armed mission is preceded by a resolution of the German parliament. It is led by the Minister of Defence and, in the case of defence, by the Federal Chancellor.

Its tasks include national and federal defence within the framework of NATO, international crisis management, homeland security and humanitarian emergency and disaster relief. The headquarters of the Bundeswehr is in Bonn. The second headquarters is a building complex called "Bendlerblock" in Berlin.

GFR building automation systems ensure maximum operational reliability

GFR, a specialist in building automation and building management, has been automating various Bundeswehr properties since 1992. We implement plants and systems in accordance with the current version of the Bundeswehr Building Automation Manual (HGBA) and ensure maximum operational reliability of the building automation plants.


What does the term HBGA (Bundeswehr Building Automation Manual) mean?

The Bundeswehr relies on uniform standards in building automation for its properties and buildings. For this reason, the "Building Automation Manual", HBGA for short, was created. The manual is regularly updated and contains specifications and provisions for the planning, execution and operation of building automation systems in Bundeswehr properties.

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