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GFR - Gesellschaft für Regelungstechnik und Energieeinsparung mbH with its trademarks DIGICONTROL® and DIGIVISION® is one of the leading providers in the field of building and room automation.

We are pleased to give you an insight into innovations and solutions of our company. We have been taking care of energy savings and providing solutions from a single source for building and room automation, building management and energy management for more than 40 years.

Room automation made by GFR – What are the advantages?
  • Automation of buildings and rooms since 1978
  • Integral and upwardly compatible system solutions from a single source
  • In accordance with energy efficiency class A of DIN EN 15232
  • Quality made in Germany
  • Investing in DIGICONTROL ROOM4D means that you are investing in a highly efficient room automation system
  • Complex functionality across trades
  • Room automation on basis of VDI 3813
  • Transparent and flexible
  • Innovative software and cutting-edge components
  • State-of-the-art comfort while saving energy

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What is room automation?

The largest share of energy consumption results from buildings. Drawing the reverse conclusion, this means that there are high potentials for saving energy.

Being an integral part of building automation, the room automation is the basis for the ecological and economical operation of buildings. Its importance is continuously increasing and more varied tasks are performed by room automation, independent of the category, type and utilisation of the building. Room control is characterised by simple operation, high flexibility and the smooth integration into building automation.

In short, room automation ensures a reduction of energy consumption while simultaneously enhancing comfort. Furthermore, it manages the monitoring and effective control of indoor temperature, air quality, lighting and shading of rooms. Room automation always considers high comfort and optimum energy efficiency in compliance with the guideline VDI 3813.


Managing a hotel requires looking after many relatively small room units, and they are mainly occupied at night. The number of guests fluctuates considerably, and international visitors have different comfort requirements. ROOM4D integrates hotel booking systems and makes optimal use of available energy by monitoring presence (using keycard readers or presence detectors) and regulating room temperature, air quality, lighting and shading. This maximises guests' comfort while minimising costs for operators. Multilingual menus on the control panel allow international guests to operate the room system with ease. ROOM4D is also capable of learning. Guest preferences are logged and can be saved as default settings for the duration of the stay. Conference rooms can be operated easily and efficiently with ROOM4D scene control. ROOM4D unites the requirements of hotel operators with those of their guests, making sure that people enjoy their stay and look forward to returning.


Room automation systems for offices and administrative buildings have to adapt to the changing needs of various occupants or the requirements of new work processes and routines. ROOM4D provides a flexible room automation concept which allows self-sufficient operation of every building axis. Operators can therefore adapt room automation systems to changing floor plans and room utilisation without making internal changes to the system configuration. Another important factor for the quality of a room automation system is its ability to create the exact conditions and atmosphere requied by the people working in that space to remain focussed and efficient. These conditions, however, change with the seasons, time of day or individuals' moods. For example, we need more light after lunch than in the morning to stay fresh and alert. ROOM4D optimises lighting by using modern mood management. No magic - just simply the intelligent part of our automation system.

Schools and Universities

Modern room automation is all about people. After all, we are the ones who live, work and learn in automated environments. Our motivation and ability to learn increase when we are in pleasant and comfortable surroundings. School teachers and pupils share rather small classrooms, and the windows need to be opened. At university, many students often crowd into a small seminar room, while at other times only a few people might occupy a large lecture theatre. Rooms are sometimes required without notice, or classes may be cancelled, etc. A room automation system has to respond to all of these conditions. ROOM4D is prepared for these changes and provides the means and modules required to use small and large rooms with optimal energy use. ROOM4D supports technical personnel and helps schools spend more of their budget on educational material instead of energy.


Automation of hospital rooms presents a particular challenge. Needs differ from administrative offices to departments, and from operating theatres to intensive care units. All of these environments need to be integrated. ROOM4D offers various functional and integration modules for this purpose, in other words a comprehensive system that is well-suited for such complex requirements. Furthermore, hospitals have higher general demands concerning the operational reliability and system security of technical services. It goes without saying that our building and room automation system can also integrate specialist hospital equipment such as emergency and supply systems.


Private homes also have particular room automation requirements. Rooms for living, sleeping, cooking and working are used at different times of day and by people with individual preferences. Here, too, ROOM4D offers a room automation system that always ensures maximum energy efficiency and optimal comfort for any kind of budget.

ROOM4D is comes in two versions (comfort and premium), both of which offer a full range of energy efficiency functions irrespective of the technical design of the system concerned. For example: even if the window position cannot be detected, cooling or heating should always be turned off if a window is open. ROOM4D can deduce the window position based on the room temperature pattern. Functions like this are the icing on the cake and supplement the VDI 3813 standard.

Other uses

Room automation means not only automation of buildings with many rooms, but also automation of rooms in buildings with relatively few rooms and buildings whose rooms have different uses, purposes and sizes. Sport halls, multipurpose arenas, production plants, market halls, theatres, cinemas and indoor water parks often contain rooms that are equally challenging to operate. In such cases, individual, innovative automation concepts offer particularly significant energy-saving potential. ROOM4D includes a large variety of innovative hardware and software modules for the efficient regulation and control of unusual rooms and the integration of various technical building services components. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We would be pleased to tell you more about the interesting function modules and options for integrating ROOM4D.

DIGICONTROL ROOM4D – Your flexible room automation

GFR's room automation concept is called ROOM4D. “4D” stands for the four dimensions of modern room automation: efficiency, intelligence, functionality and design. ROOM4D contains all the building blocks for realising integrated room automation solutions and offers a variety of integration modules for all areas.

ROOM4D meets all the requirements of VDI 3813, which describes the basic functions of room automation. Sensors and sensor elements comply with VDI/VDE 3512 (quality class A or tolerance class A-TGA), an essential basic requirement for energy-efficient room automation. ROOM4D also meets the energy efficiency requirements of DIN EN 15232 right up to the highest efficiency class A.

One task of integrated room automation is to combine energy efficiency with comfort. The philosophy and guiding principle we follow when developing our products and systems is therefore:

“create comfort. control energy.”
For you as a real estate operator this means that you define both the requirements for your property, and the functions and comforts you want to provide to users of the building. ROOM4D implements your requirements while ensuring ecological, economical and energy-efficient operation.

create comfort.
“create comfort.” stands for comfortable room automation thanks to simple user interfaces, great functionality, reliability and operational safety; it also stands for automation systems that can be adapted to different users with individual preferences. However, “create comfort.” means more than providing comfort to users and operators – it also includes convenient systems engineering for planners and builders. WEBPROJECT plans and designs complete room automation systems and fully integrates them into building automation and management systems.

control energy.
“control energy.” represents the optimal running of the building in ecological and economical terms in line with energy-efficiency standards. ROOM4D focuses on total energy efficiency, consumption data transparency (monitoring), observance of energy thresholds (limiting), comparison of energy data (benchmarking), and the documenting and archiving of information (reporting). Applications related to the room automation system offer many options for even more efficient building operation, such as the DIGIVISION energy management system WEBENCON.

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For all questions, starting with the planning, implementation, optimization and support of your buildings, you have only one contact person with GFR.


What does “integrated” room automation mean?

There are strict requirements for a cutting edge room automation system. All trades in a room like light, shading, heating, cooling, ventilation, multimedia etc. have to be capable of communicating and shall have a consistent user interface. Therefore all room automation components have to be integrated into a system and an overall energy efficiency concept by implementing the DIN EN 15232 efficiency class A.

ROOM4D is the basis for holistic system integration and applies international and industrial standards. The functional scope of ROOM4D comprises BACnet IP, BACnet MS / TP, CAN, KNX / EIB, DALI, LON, M-Bus, MP-Bus, Modbus, EnOcean and the integration of web services (e.g. weather data).

In summary, integrated room automation means enhanced functionality and reduced costs for building operators.

Functions of room automation

General Functions

Time Programmes

There are several scheduling channels for all function modules of a room automation system (air conditioning, lighting, sun and glare screening) for each day of the week. Additionally, blocks of several days can be configured by the user.

Automatic Air Conditioning

If a room is unoccupied, the air conditioning automatically switches to a (lower) standby set point.

Usage Time Extension

The usage time extension allows users to actuate a switch in the room operating unit that extends the “comfort” mode by an adjustable period. A time programme can therefore be bypassed quickly without making a new setting.

Scene Function

ROOM4D has a memory for different air conditioning, lighting and sun screen settings which can be accessed as necessary using configurable scenes. Complex settings, e.g., for conference rooms, can therefore be changed automatically at the simple press of a button.

Presence Detection

A presence sensor or keycard switch allows ROOM4D to switch automatically between operating modes.

Automatic Lighting

Automatic activation of pre-configured lighting actuators. If there is no one in the room, the light is switched off automatically after an adjustable delay. This saves a significant amount of energy otherwise required for heating and cooling and reduces power consumption.

User Lock

It is sometimes desirable to prevent others from operating the room controller. ROOM4D room controllers let you activate a user lock to prevent local operation.

Multimedia Control

Projectors, projector screens and network-enabled sound or entertainment systems can be controlled together with ease.

Room Air Conditioning

Room Temperature Control

ROOM4D uses the room temperature measurement integrated in the room controller in connection with automatic operating modes to create conditional, configurable temperature set points, adjusting room temperature as required. Straightforward operation of the room controller allows the user to adjust these temperature set points to his or her individual requirements within a configurable range.

Automatic Operating Mode

Set points for the “comfort” (day), “standby” and “reduced” (night) operating modes can be set for each individual room. Modes are toggled by time programmes and/or presence detection using presence switches, detectors or keycard switches. When the usage time begins, the control switches from reduced mode to standby mode. It switches to comfort mode when a user is present. Automatic operating modes allow for particularly energy-efficient room operation. Savings of 20% for heating and cooling costs of energy can realistically be made.

Room Air Quality Control

Our comfort depends not only on a pleasant room temperature but also on the air quality. Humidity and a maximum CO2 concentration are particularly important in this respect, and these values can be monitored.

Free Night Cooling

In summer nights the cooler outside air can be used to cool rooms down to the desired temperature without requiring any additional energy. In combination with motorised windows or dampers, this enables energyefficient room air conditioning.

Summer Compensation

Summer compensation means continuous adjustment of the room temperature set point to match the outside temperature. The result is improved comfort and a considerable saving of energy.

Optimised Temperature Control

The optimised temperature control system ensures that the room temperature set point of the selected operating mode is reached at the scheduled time of occupancy. ROOM4D calculates controller release time based on room temperature deviation, outdoor temperature and stored temperature gradients.

Fan Control

In addition to room temperature control (activation of heating or cooling valves), the room controller is also suitable for fan control. If multistage or stepless fans are controlled, they can switch automatically between heating and cooling (sequence). The user can manually override the control function.

Window Monitoring

Energy efficiency is increased by the detection of open windows and the corresponding deactivation of heating or cooling systems. Frost protection remains activated. Savings of up to 10% are realistic.

Heating Requirements

The room controller has a system for requisition of primary energy for heating or cooling from the primary controller. The primary controller runs a strategic calculation to determine heating or cooling requirements of the entire building, thereby allowing for load-dependent energy consumption (resource optimisation), which is lower than for a classic, weather-dependent control system.

Frost protection

The room controller prevents frost damage to rooms and to heating or cooling systems.


Individual Lighting Configuration

The room controller has several configurable lighting circuits that can be combined with a number of additional functions.

Demand-Controlled Lighting

An additional brightness sensor in the room enables convenient control. If a variable setting is exceeded, the control switches to the next stage or activates/deactivates the lighting system. An energy saving of up to 45% is realistic.

Twilight Control

Twilight control regulates outdoor, entrance, shop window or building lights depending on the time of day.

ASL (Approach Sensible Light)

A primary function of the R4D room controller is to manage the lighting system. The R4D room controller has a built-in proximity sensor which automatically activates the configured lighting circuits if someone approaches it.

Constant Light Control

In rooms with daylight entering through windows or skylights, artificial lighting does not need to be set at the highest level at all times. In such instances, it is preferable to have constant light control, a steady, daylight-dependent level of lighting comprising daylight (by using sun and glare protection) and artificial light. A brightness sensor and a configurable brightness set point are used to control standard dimmer switches as required. Constant light control provides maximum comfort and electricity savings.


Surge Protection

Use of surge protection components in sensor and actuator systems and for protecting data bus systems


Leak detection by energy management (consumption logging)

Fire Alarm

Fire and smoke detectors integrated into the system can trigger certain functions if necessary, e.g., alarms or opening/closing windows.

Burglar Protection

Control of blinds for better protection against burglary and wind damage as well as supposed burglar detection through window contact


Straightforward, intuitive operation for detecting emergencies

Sun and Glare Screen

Adjustable Sun Protection

Several sun protection actuators can be configured with the room controller and the modular ROOM4D system, and they can be combined with numerous additional functions.

Slat Control

ROOM4D provides innovative control functions for adjustable heat or sun protection screens, setting new standards in functionality, technology and economy. Rotary adjustment of the slat angle to correspond to the sun's angle of incidence (calculation of azimuth and elevation) increases the amount of diffuse daylight coming through the blinds in case of direct sunlight. The reduction of irradiation energy offered by a constant light control system offers considerable savings compared to manual sun protection.

Weather Protection

Weather protection prevents damage to the shading system and water damage resulting from open windows. A weather station or corresponding web service provides the necessary data. If the set limits for wind, precipitation or ice formation are exceeded, the sunshade is retracted in time to prevent damage. Windows with motorised adjusters are closed.

Automatic Shading

Bright sunlight usually causes a room to become too bright. The ROOM4D room controller uses a brightness sensor and a brightness threshold for controlled shading by means of the sun protection actuator. Alternatively, shading can be controlled based on weather data from a weather station or a corresponding web service.

Automatic Temperature Control

Trapping or blocking sunlight using a shading control system is essential for increasing energy efficiency. Sunlight coming through windows can heat up rooms, which may or may not be desirable. ROOM4D controls the shading system to assist heating and cooling processes. This prevents overheating in summer and relieves heating systems in winter.

Advanced Functions

Weather Forecast

Weather forecast data provided by a corresponding web service helps optimise controls, particularly for very slow systems such as concrete core activation or underfloor heating. Integrating weather data increases convenience and energy efficiency.

Window Monitoring without Window Sensors

Due to the energy saving potential involved, ROOM4D does not require window sensors to recognise open windows. Based on the room temperature gradient, it can deactivate heating or cooling systems accordingly. The frost protection system remains active. Power is reconnected automatically.

Mood Management

Lighting intensity and lighting scenarios are automatically adjusted depending on the time of day, taking the season into account.


By integrating this management software into the existing TCP/IP network, it is possible to operate, monitor and control the entire property through a standard browser from any computer on the network after entering a password.

ECO Function

The room controller's ECO function detects unfavourable user settings for room conditioning, lighting, and sun screens and automatically reduces them to an energyefficient level.

Felt Room Temperature

Felt temperature is measured by a comfort sensor that measures room temperature and airflow according to PMV standard EN ISO 7730. The comfort sensor returns a usable, integrated signal, which approaches the overall thermal effect of the ambient temperature, taking into consideration effects of clothing and movement. The goal is to control heating, cooling and air conditioning systems based on the comfortable climate model.

Bauer System

The Bauer System is a patented method for controlling ventilation systems. ROOM4D includes a module with the technical implementation of the Bauer System.

Room Monitoring

ROOM4D uses a presence detector to monitor vacant rooms and buildings (burglar protection). A connected automation station alerts the building management system and triggers the report objectives configured here.

Room automation by GFR

  • Innovative Software and state-of-the-art components
  • Efficient and comfortable buildings and rooms which consider the user and its individual needs on one hand but also the economic aspects and increasing demands of investors and operators with regard to the building on the other hand.

Powerful – expandable and future-proof

ROOM4D – your room automation system that will meet tomorrow’s increasing demands

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