System engineering

Consistent planning, project engineering and implementation of building automation and control systems (BACS)

Building automation planning and project planning with WEBPROJECT according to VDI 3814 and EN ISO 16484


WEBPROJECT is a highly efficient software for the complete planning, project engineering, configuration and documentation of modern Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) within innovative smart building concepts. The design of the BACS is carried out comfortably within the project editor by simply selecting and inserting the plants and rooms of the technical building services from an extensive library of measuring and control technology. The library components and functions are based on the current standards VDI 3814, DIN EN ISO 16484, DIN 19227, 1946 and DIN EN 13779.

Planners, installers and operators speak the same language by using WEBPROJECT. Complex project structures are designed methodically and efficiently from the very beginning. They will remain just as clear and transparent in the future. The web-based network structure of WEBPROJECT ensures that there is only one source for all building automation lists, plans, diagrams, etc. All documents are available for the project stakeholders for viewing and processing at any time, at any place. There is no need to ask about the topicality of the preparation, plant planning, execution drawings or documentation. There is only one status - the current one.

Create planning documents automatically

All necessary planning documents are generated automatically on the basis of an automation scheme.

  • GAEB export for the generation of tender specifications and offers
  • Automation schemes
  • Building automation function lists in accordance with DIN VDI 3814 or DIN EN ISO 16484
  • Functional descriptions
  • Calculation of control cabinet sizes and power losses
  • Valve size calculation
  • Valve lists, motor lists and cable lists
  • Cable type management

Project engineerning and construction

  • Planning documents as described above and beyond:
  • Plant and assembly planning
  • Site measurement for cables
  • Cable destination tags
  • Status lists, project blog
  • Dimensioning of automation system
  • Adressing and data point documentation
  • Linking of device documentation
  • Data interface for the automatic generation of cicuit diagrams in E-CAD systems
  • Adjustment of neutral and function-based planning to any products in accordance with the requirements of the project execution


  • Online access to all planning and execution documents for spare parts inventory, operation, maintenance, service and retrofitting
  • Coloured automation schemes with data point enumeration and data point documentation
  • Workflow down to building automation management and facility management


Seamless digitalisation enables automated workflows

Planning Tool WEBPROJECT Digitization - Workflow


WEBPROJECT comprises all product data of sensors and actuators, automation stations, plant and function macros, building automation functions, cable information as well as performance-related circuit diagram templates for the use within all further applications of the digitalised project implementation.

WEBPROJECT provides the capability of generating a seamless CAD circuit diagram at the push of a button, which includes all power and control modules as well as the automation modules.

The dimensioning, labelling and software configuration of the DIGICONTROL automation systems is carried out on the basis of the data provided by WEBPROJECT within the iBASuite configuration tool. The WEBVISION 5 building automation management platform is also configured using WEBPROJECT, which also contains the plant graphics and dynamisation information.

Being integrated in Project 360°, WEBPROJECT enables the creation of a "digital twin" of the building automation system, which contains all technical details, calculations and commercial data as well as a
scheduling and capacity planning (SCM). The digital construction file within Project 360° also obtains all product and system data required for commissioning, schematics and circuit diagrams from WEBPROJECT.

GFR is taking advantage of the benefits provided by digital project management with great success. You can also benefit from WEBPROJECT and integrate it into existing company-specific solutions:

  • Online on the internet
  • Within a local network
  • Or exclusively at a workstation


The WEBPROJECT DIGICONTROL Edition (incl. CAD tool for the automatic generation of circuit diagrams) was developed in order to allow DIGICONTROL partners and/or users to deploy this integrated workflow. GFR offers this edition exclusively within the DIGICONTROL Group. It is operated in the web browser. A special training program ensures that you can apply 100% of the benefits of automated planning and project engineering within a very short time.

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